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After Betraying Trump, Ted Cruz Just Made a HUGE Announcement About the 2016 Election

ted cruz

By now everyone knows about how Ted Cruz betrayed Donald Trump and refused to endorse him during his speech at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Unlike Ronald Reagan, who called for unity in defeating the Democrats in 1976 after a narrow loss to sitting President Gerald Ford, Cruz attacked Trump and the millions of Trump supporters at the convention.

But now, Cruz made a huge announcement that will make Republicans happy – he’s NOT going to vote for Hillary Clinton in November:

“…Ted Cruz defended his decision not to endorse the candidate, even though he was given a plum speaking slot on Wednesday night. The result were a chorus of boos in the Quicken Loans Arena as Cruz wrapped up his speech after telling the crowd to vote “your conscience.” As he began to be drowned out by chants of “Endorse Trump!,” Trump himself was entering the venue, taking his seat with his family and looking none too pleased.

Speaking to delegates at a breakfast, Cruz said that he would not vote for Hillary Clinton but he did not say whether he would vote for Trump.”

Via Variety

This is great news!

In order to defeat the massive, corrupt Clinton political machine, Republicans need to come together for the good of the country.

Hopefully Senator Cruz can use his talents to help unify rather than divide in the face of this powerful enemy.

Here’s how Republicans reacted to Cruz’s speech:

What do you think? Should Cruz buck up, endorse Trump, and help defeat Hillary Clinton? Let us know in the comments below!