Bernie Sanders Set to Release Immigration Plan ‘Shaped By’ Illegals

Bernie Sanders’ press secretary announced that the campaign will soon release an immigration plan shaped by three staffers who are illegal immigrants.

“We know that we can do better and I think that’s the greatest part of all is that we have people who are experiencing these struggles that are taking part in that plan,” Belén Sisa boasted regarding the forthcoming plan.

Sisa would know – she has claimed her residence in the United States is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In short, she’s one of the so-called ‘Dreamers.’

The Hill reports that Sanders’ campaign is reaching out to the Latino community for aid in crafting their immigration plan through “webinars in Spanish for people who want to get involved but can’t speak English.”

“It’s about putting people who look like them on the campaign, it’s about making them feel like they’re capable,” Sisa condescendingly added.

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Bernie’s campaign page has vowed not only to grant amnesty to ‘Dreamers’ but wants to expand who qualifies for said amnesty, unleashing millions of illegals who would vote for Democrats.

“We need to … Expand DACA and DAPA, including providing immediate legal status for young people eligible for the DACA program,” the page reads.

Sanders also seeks to close down all migrant holding centers because of the “barbaric practice of family separation and detention of children in cages.”

You know, the practice that started well before Trump ever ran for President.


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It is an idea akin to shutting down all jails because the children of bank robbers and murderers might suffer.

“Bernie will order an immediate moratorium on private immigration detention centers and immediately begin the process of closing them,” a spokeswoman told Fox News.

Sanders has repeatedly railed against the President for supposed lies about the border wall – including those which have been proven true, including the terror threat and the opioid threat.

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Sisa, meanwhile, also takes offense to family separations at the border. Here she is protesting against the practice her boss claims is a product of Trump’s racism … in 2015 … when Obama was in office.


While she and the other ‘Dreamers’ may help craft Bernie’s plan, they won’t be able to cast a vote for the candidate they work for.

“Even though I can’t vote, I can get 200 people to vote, and that matters,” Sisa said during the previous presidential election. “Everything can change depending on who becomes the next president.”

Indeed. If Bernie wins you’ll have open borders policies crafted by illegals. If Trump wins, you’ll continue to see law and order enforced. Which would you prefer?

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • I'm not talkin about legal immigrants I'm talking about illegal aliens that invade this country in an ongoing onslaught caused by the Democrats who can't and don't want to follow exciting rules for entering legally
    Immigration has always been regulated even in war times and people have been turned away for a long variety of reasons you can't house the world

  • Sanders and his staff are full of BS, this is the socialist answer to America, remove the law, the constitution and the right from every true citizen and freely give it to every Illegal's and criminal the they release on we the people.

    Socialist want us in jail as the illegals and criminal roam freely. I say tell them all to go to hell and take the demo crap party with them. USMC

  • This has gotten to the point of ridiculous! Now we have illegals making their own plans for illegals in this country! WOW! The Democrats have become the laughing stock of this country! SAVE AMERICA. VOTE REPUBLICAN. VOTE TRUMP IN 2020 AND KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!!

  • Legal vs Illegal immigration. Bernie has an immigration plan shaped by three staffers who are illegal immigrants. It's a shame he didn't get ideas from "Legal" immigrants.

  • yes their is, democrats are never charged for violating the law, look at what they did to trump. Clinton, Comey, Macab, Obama, Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the list can go on for days.

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