Bernie Sanders Refuses To Say If His Wife Is Under FBI Investigation

Senator Bernie Sanders’s wife, Jane Sanders, is reportedly under FBI investigation for fraud. The FBI has not confirmed the investigation, but independent reporting shows the government officials are looking into Jane Sanders’s tenure as president of Burlington College in Vermont.

Sen. Sanders was on CNN recently, griping per usual about how Trump is a big meanie-face and why no one should ever earn more than $100 in America.

But then CNN host Erin Burnett asked about the investigation. At this point, Sanders goes berserk, and refuses to say whether or not the feds are looking into his wife. Watch:

Not only did Sanders refuse to say whether or not his wife is under investigation, he implied that the investigation was politically-motivated. That’s a strange comment, considering that it’s a tacit admission that his wife is indeed being scrutinized by the FBI.

Sanders called the FBI’s investigation of his wife “pretty pathetic.”

“My wife is about the most honest person I know,” Sanders told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday. “All that I will tell you now is it’s a sad state of affairs in America when not only we have politicians being destroyed … but when you go after people’s wives. That’s pretty pathetic.”

The investigation follows a complaint filed in 2016 by then-candidate Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign chairman, Brady Toensing, who also accused Sanders, the Vermont senator, of using his office to pressure a bank to approve the loan, the Associated Press reported. The newswire service said Toensing has previously filed complaints against Democrats and members of Vermont’s Progressive Party. Sen. Sanders called the allegations “politically motivated.”

H/T Business Insider

We all know that Bernie Sanders’s wife is a spendthrift who ran her former college into the ground financially. There’s no telling the amount of fraud she committed as head of Burlington College.

Let’s hope the FBI gets to the bottom of the Sanders’ shady financial dealings. It would be a bad look if the socialist who rails against big banks had his family found guilty of the same kind of fraud.

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