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Barbara Moore, a Former Playmate, Alleges Having an Affair With Donald Trump

President Trump has been outed for allegedly sleeping with another model while his wife was pregnant.

First, we had the Stormy Daniels affair, where a washed-up pornographic actress alleged that she had an affair with Donald Trump with scant evidence to back up her claim. The story, which rested mainly on the allegation of Daniels, had zero effect on Trump’s standing in the public eye.

Now, another woman looks to be cashing in on the Daniels bandwagon.

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The Daily Mail reports:

A former Playboy Playmate has told how President Donald Trump cheated on his pregnant fiancée Marla Maples – who later became his second wife – during a steamy six-month affair.

Model Barbara Moore, 49, met the tycoon in March, 1993 – three months after she became Playboy’s Miss December centerfold – and claims the president was a ‘great lover’ and a true ‘gentleman’.

The pair embarked on a passionate love affair which saw Moore spending time with the billionaire at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower behind Maples’ back.

Again, this allegation carries no evidence with it besides the initial claim. Moore could very well be lying and we wouldn’t know the difference.

This won’t stop liberals from pretending it’s true, however. There’s just one issue. Moore is actually a fan of President Trump. She tells the Daily Mail, “But at the time I didn’t know he was with someone else, let alone engaged to Marla Maples and it was only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time. This has shocked me, but I don’t hold it against Donald, he was a great lover and I think he’s a great president.”

If liberals want to use this alleged affair against Donald Trump, they’ll have to contend with the fact she thinks he’s a great president. That won’t be easy for Democrats, who are near-obsessed with trying to have him impeached.

What do you think? Do you believe Moore? Did she have an affair with Donald Trump back in the ’90s? Tell us your thoughts below!