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brett favre tucker carlson
May 9, 2023
Brett Favre, The 3-time MVP who became the first NFL quarterback to throw 500 touchdown passes is standing with Tucker Carlson.
abbott border force title 42
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he is deploying a tactical border force ahead of the public health authority Title 42 ending on Thursday.
biden losing to trump
May 8, 2023
The latest poll from Washington Post/ABC News shows former President Trump with a big lead over President Joe Biden.
illegals at the border
Shocking video shows hundreds of illegal aliens who had just crossed the border into Brownsville, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.
AI liberal bias
May 5, 2023
I decided to do a little experiment on ChatGPT’s AI with one of our era’s biggest bugaboos – global warming. Here’s how it went.
chatgpt war in taiwan
We asked ChatGPT what would happen in the event of a war over Taiwan between the United States and China. Here’s what it said. 
al franken supreme court illegitimate
In a very dangerous attack on our democracy, Franken sat down with the Washington Post to help erode the legitimacy of our institutions.
poll trump desantis
April 28, 2023
The latest GOP primary poll from Emerson University shows Donald Trump with a commanding 46 point lead over Ron DeSantis.
poll rfk jr
April 27, 2023
The latest Fox News survey for the 2024 Presidential election shows RFK Jr. pulling 19% of Democrats, up from just 14% last week.
desantis trump running mate
April 26, 2023
Some of my fellow righties promote the idea of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being Donald Trump’s VP running mate in 2024.
trump 2024 debates
April 25, 2023
former President Trump is taking his turn, expressing his displeasure with the Republican National Committee (RNC) over upcoming Republican primary debates.
tulsi gabbard no democrat debates
April 25, 2023
Former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard slammed the Democrats for not holding any presidential debates.