Democrats Panic After Poll Shows Trump Crushing Biden

biden losing to trump
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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

America’s 45th President, Donald Trump, is sure to be smiling today with the latest 2024 poll numbers.

And he’ll need the good news, too, between the “defamation” case he’s facing and the Malarkey in Manhattan. (Even Mexico’s President thinks the regime’s persecution of Trump is corrupt.)

But while Trump is forced to deal with every lawsuit under the sun, voters have given him reason to be optimistic.

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Trump Crushing Biden, DeSantis

Trump isn’t only crushing his GOP primary competition – his lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is larger than President Biden’s lead over Democrat challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – he’s crushing Biden, according to the latest Washington Post poll.

In the GOP primary, former President Trump is beating DeSantis 62-16, for a 46% lead.

Biden is ahead of challenger RFK Jr. 62-19, for a smaller 43% lead.

And when it comes to the general election, the latest poll numbers show Trump with a comfortable lead over Sleepy Joe.

And while these numbers are sure to have Trump smiling, other findings from the poll no doubt have the White House scrambling.

The WaPo/ABC News poll shows Trump beating Biden 45-38, for a 7% lead. Nothing to shake a stick at.

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Biden Takes A Pounding

If that big Trump lead wasn’t enough for Team Biden to hit the panic button, some of these other poll results must have surely waken Sleepy up from his nap.

Just 33% of Americans think Biden is in good enough physical health to serve as president.

By a count of 54-36%, Americans say Trump did a better job on the economy. (That 36% must be America’s Rocket Scientist population.)

Biden’s approval rating is especially brutal at just 36%, which WaPo/ABC describes as a “new low.”

Just as a side note – the poll also shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis beating Biden in a general election matchup, 42-37%.

The numbers are bad enough that former DNC Chair and liberal media talking head Donna Brazile sounded the alarm, saying, “It kept me up and I thought they should wake up and look at those numbers.”

Brazile added, “It’s sobering in the sense that the coalition that elected Joe Biden, with the historic numbers that we saw in 2020, that coalition right now is fragmented.”

Former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos said the poll was “brutal” for Biden, with ABC political director Rick Klein echoing what Brazile said: “You’re seeing real weaknesses in the coalition that powered Joe Biden to the presidency in 2020.”

If you ask me, the economy isn’t getting any better. They’re only escalating war tensions abroad. The border is about to turn into Thunderdome.

Maybe it’s just best if the “adults” step aside and let Trump get the country back up and running again.

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