Arnold Schwarzenegger Claims He’d ‘Make A Great President’

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor off California, is speaking out this week to claim that he “would make a great president” of the United States. Unfortunately for him, however, he can’t legally run for president since he was born in Austria, and the Constitution states that the leader of this country must be a natural-born citizen.

Schwarzenegger Thinks He’d ‘Make A Great President’

“I feel like I would make a great president,” Schwarzenegger, 76, told The BBC. “But I feel that, at the same time, everything I’ve accomplished was because of America.”

“America gave me so many opportunities and the American people were so embracive, and they just received me with open arms. There was no-one there that stopped me from my success,” he continued. “So the only thing that I can’t do, which is run for president, I’m not going to complain about that.”

However, Schwarzenegger went on to make it clear that he still has hope that this will change someday, and that he’ll eventually be able to run for president.

“I mean OK there is the Constitution,” he said. “We need some immigration reform, absolutely, to change that. But it would be a little bit selfish if I go out and try to change the law.”

Schwarzenegger then expressed his dissatisfaction with the potential 2024 presidential race between Joe Biden, 80, and Donald Trump, 77, indicating that he feels that they are each too old for the job.

“I just hope that America finds some really young blood,” Schwarzenegger stated. “Because to me, it is a little bit odd that we are having a battle between people today in the late 70s and early 80s, rather than people in the 40s and 50s or maybe even younger and have them have a chance at this great, great job.”

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Schwarzenegger Claims To Be A ‘Proud Republican’

Earlier this month, Schwarzenegger claimed to be a “proud Republican” despite the fact that he frequently speaks out against Trump.

“I’m a proud Republican. And I’ll tell you why: Because I’m a traditional Republican,” Schwarzenegger told the liberal late night host Jimmy Kimmel, according to The Hill. “Remember that the one that put most of the land aside for future generations was Teddy Roosevelt, who was a Republican.”

“Ronald Reagan created the Air Resources Board in California, the most important board in order to really be able to execute all the laws that we passed,” he continued. “President Nixon created the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, in Washington.” 

“These were people that was sane Republicans, and that really were thinking more about what was good for the people, rather than being stuck in the ideological corners and they just can’t get along — which is totally ridiculous because as we all know, especially since I learned a lot of my lessons from sports — that you cannot win as win as a team if you don’t work together,” Schwarzenegger added.

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‘We Have To Come Together’

Kimmel argued that the traditional Republican Party “doesn’t exist anymore,” with Schwarzenegger responding by saying, “But we have to inspire that.”

“It doesn’t mean that we should run the other way or we should give up. There’s moments in life where it needs leadership and where you have to encourage people to work together,” he stated. “I think what we need is really leadership to bring people together and to teach both parties not to look at the other side as the enemy.”

“We are all on the same side of the fence,” Schwarzenegger concluded. “We are Americans, and we have to come together.”

Check out this full interview in the video below.

Do you agree with Schwarzenegger that he would make a “great president?” Let us know in the comments section.

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