Arizona Governor Rips Kamala Harris – ‘Worst Possible Choice’ For Handling Border Crisis

Harris Ducey

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the border crisis, saying, “I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this.”

Now, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) is firing back to say that Harris is actually the “worst possible choice” to fix the situation at the border.

Ducey Rips Harris

“She’s about the worst possible choice that one could make,” Ducey said to reporters. “In no point in her career has she given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat.”

“If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously, he’s really done the exact opposite,” he continued, going on to say that Biden “completely trivialized the issue by putting someone in charge who flat out just doesn’t care.”

On Wednesday, Harris confessed that the border situation is a “huge problem.”

“I’m not going to pretend it’s not. It’s a huge problem,” Harris told CBS News. “Are we looking at overcrowding at the border in particular of these kids? Yes.”

Full Story: Joe Biden Taps Kamala Harris To Lead Border Crisis Response: ‘I Can Think of Nobody Who Is Better Qualified’

Former ICE Head Blasts Harris

This comes after former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said that Harris is actually the worst possible pick for this position.

“When President Biden says [Kamala Harris] is the most qualified, I mean, seriously? What color’s the sky in his world? Because you couldn’t get a worse pick,” Homan told Fox News. “Look, she supports sanctuary cities, she wrote legislation to reward those who illegally entered into the United States.”

“She vilified the men and women of the Border Patrol during the last surge, saying they are mistreating immigrants. She’s an open borders advocate,” he added.

“She wants to abolish ICE and she compared immigration officers to the KKK during the Senate hearing, and you want to put her in charge of immigration enforcement on the border?” Homan concluded. “I couldn’t think of a worse choice.”

Full Story: Former ICE Head Homan Says Kamala Harris ‘Worst’ Possible Choice To Lead Border Crisis

Homan Attacks Biden

Earlier in the week, Homan accused Biden of creating the border crisis, saying that officials in his administration “get on TV every day and lie about it [the situation at the border] saying it’s not a crisis, but if it is a crisis, it’s President Trump’s fault.”

“President Trump gave us the most secure border in my career, which spanned almost 35 years,” Homan said. “They [the Biden administration] tore it apart in two weeks. What I would like from this administration is a little integrity. Get on national TV and tell the truth to the American people.”

This piece was written by James Samson on March 26, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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