Arizona Footage Shows the State of America’s “Border”

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Screenshot YouTube : LiveNow from Fox

Every day, thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the United States from the southern border with impunity. Videos are posted daily on social media showing predominantly military-aged men casually walking into America from various spots along the southern border from the few news outlets willing to cover the crisis.

The audacity of the smugglers has reached new levels with one recently shrugging at and then saluting U.S. authorities while being filmed ushering in God only knows who into the land of opportunity. This cavalier attitude is a testament to the ineffectual border security under the Biden administration.

But instead of focusing on big-picture numbers, let’s focus on one little spot in Arizona that has become a hub for illegal border crossings.

Wave for the camera!

In a video from News Nation’s Ali Bradley, a line of illegal immigrants causally walk single file through an open spot in the border fence. Ms. Bradley estimated over 100 came through and noted that while they were filming, the smuggler, who can be seen in the video making their own amateur video, flipped her off and waved.

The gestures send a clear message to the citizens of the United States – Go F yourself; this isn’t your country anymore. Last month, Customs and Border Patrol documented 242,522 crossings, making it the highest November on record and the third-highest month for the Biden administration.

The particular area Ms. Bradley was filming is the city of Lukeville, Arizona, in the Tuscon Sector. That sector has seen record numbers of illegal border crossings, from 3,000 in one day to over 17,500 in one week.

Is the Governor of Arizona concerned? To a point.

Governor Katie Hobbes said:

“We need the federal government to act and provide more resources.”

But in the same breath, she announced she was not considering sending the Arizona National Guard to stymie the invasion.

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So many questions

Fox News’ Bill Melugin was also in Lukeville recording the border crisis, which arguably is now just a full-on catastrophe. In his video, hundreds of adult men are lying and standing about with piles of trash and small fires burning.

Who are all these men loitering in Arizona after strolling through the border? Reports show that a significant amount are from African countries including Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, and Egypt.

Why have these young, able-bodied men come to America? Is it to pursue a life of virtue and hard work in the land of freedom and opportunity?

In any other country during any other time in history, what is happening at the southern border would be considered an invasion and would elicit a military response.

But not in this case.

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For democracy?

Right now, Democrats and Republicans are sparring over what the White House has requested in aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The request of $160 billion to help fuel foreign wars is held up because, as House Speaker Mike Johnson explained, any Ukraine aid is:

“…dependent upon enactment of transformative change to our nation’s border security laws.”

Democrats claim that not passing this aid could mean the end of democracy itself because it would cripple Ukraine’s ability to fight Russian President Vladimir Putin. And yet the open faucet of young men from all over the world across the southern border who scatter to the winds is not a clear and present danger to democracy, to their reckoning.

Democracy here in the United States, not in an Eastern European country known for massive government corruption. Our military stands watch in Iraq and Syria with more postured to deploy to yet another forever war in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, each unknown illegal immigrant, many from Africa and the Middle East, poses an unknown threat right here on American soil. The Democrats in Congress should stop gaslighting the American people into believing they care a fig about democracy.

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