Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Proposes Letting Illegal Aliens Serve in the Military

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), in a speech on the Senate floor, proposed allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the United States military.
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Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), in a speech on the Senate floor Monday, proposed allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the United States military.

The bulk of Durbin’s comments centered on a plea with his Republican colleagues to reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan manner to fix the broken immigration system.

But then he added this interesting proposal – use illegal aliens to beef up military recruiting numbers – which are dismal.

“Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at the Army, Navy, and the Air Force? They can’t reach their quotas each month. They can’t find enough people to join our military forces. And there are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for this country,” he explained.

“Should we give them a chance?” asked Durbin. “I think we should.”

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Again Pushes For Mass Amnesty

On top of a push to place illegal immigrants in the ranks of the military, Senator Durbin also renewed calls for amnesty for so-called “DREAMers.”

DREAMers are people who were brought to the United States unlawfully as children.

“We should create additional lawful pathways for immigrants to work in the United States,” Durbin said. “We should also give our undocumented population—most of whom have been here for decades—legal status, so that they can fully contribute to our society.”

Durbin joined Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in 2021 in introducing legislation potentially providing permanent residency and eventual citizenship to DREAMers.

The two have long worked together in trying to push through such measures in a bipartisan manner.

Durbin and Graham were both part of the infamous Gang of Eight – a group of bipartisan senators who passed an immigration reform bill in the Senate in 2013, though it later expired in the House under then-Speaker John Boehner.

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Trump Once Suggested Something Similar

Dick Durbin’s push to allow illegal immigrants to serve in the military was met with swift condemnation on social media.

Political commentator Jesse Kelly, himself a Marine, delivered with his usual style of dark sarcasm.

“Not to worry,” he said. “I’m sure that platoon full of illegals will refuse their orders to fire on you and your family because of their oath to the Constitution.”

Others pointed out just how much Democrats love illegal immigrants as opposed to our actual military. Remember when troops were being discharged because they refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Do you also remember that illegal immigrants were not required to get the vaccine when they hopped across the border?

Can you imagine being a former member of the military fired for not getting the vaccine, only to get replaced by an illegal immigrant who was never required to get one?

“Allowing your country to be invaded and then enlisting the invaders to ‘protect’ you is next-level treason,” wrote one supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Hmm… Believe it or not, Trump, as a candidate for President in 2016, once hinted he’d be open to the idea of having illegal immigrants serve in the military.

“I think when you serve in the armed forces, that’s a very special situation and I could see myself working that out, absolutely,” Trump said at the time.

Durbin’s attempt to allow an invasion of the military by illegals comes on the same day a video showing a large group of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border cropped up on social media.

China is viewed as the biggest threat to the United States currently and Democrats would like to see military-aged Chinese nationals in the American Army.

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