AOC Insinuates Bernie Lost Michigan By Wide Margin Due to ‘Voter Suppression’


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in her first interview on Fox News, insinuated that Senator Bernie Sanders lost the Michigan primary to Joe Biden by double digits due to “rampant voter suppression.”

The assertion is specious at best.

Fox host Bret Baier asked AOC, a surrogate of the Sanders campaign, how she can claim “the progressive position is still prevailing nationwide when Joe Biden is winning so much?”

Rampant Voter Suppression in America

Like a pre-programmed demagogic robot, she replied that it had to be due to suppression.

“Well, I think one thing that isn’t being talked about is the rampant voter suppression in this country,” Ocasio-Cortez replied.

“Right there in Ann Arbor, where we had that rally, those kids were waiting three hours in line to vote in Michigan,” the New York socialist continued. “And so when we talk about who’s turning out and who’s not turning out, we absolutely need to be clear.”

To be clear, when Democrats speak of ‘voter suppression’ what they’re really complaining about is not having the ability to commit voter fraud.

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Remarkably Dumb

Here’s the amusing part, and something Ocasio-Cortez likely didn’t think about when the words came out of her mouth.

This was a Democratic primary. It wasn’t the general election.

So the only one she’s accusing of suppressing the vote – perhaps inadvertently – is her own party!

AOC would later take to social media to suggest she really didn’t mean it when she flat-out claimed Bernie lost due to voter suppression.

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Doubled Down

Important to note that Ocasio-Cortez doubled down on the voter suppression claim during the interview on Fox.

“You’re saying that you think voters didn’t get to vote that wanted to vote in Michigan?” Baier asked.

“Absolutely. You know, obviously, there’s also more that we need to do in terms of turning out youth voters,” Ocasio-Cortez concurred. “We need to make sure that we’re inspiring young people to turn out. But when you do turn out, you should not be waiting three, four, seven hours in order to vote.”

Sanders’ Own Words

Hillary Clinton tried to make the same claim about her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, something even the Washington Post called out as a lie.

Do you know who else suggested she was wrong? Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, upon recalling Hillary’s flawed campaign against Trump, noted she failed to appear enough in key swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, and “didn’t reach out to working-class people.”

Perhaps that’s where Bernie failed. Maybe it isn’t voter suppression so much as it is that communism isn’t a winning message to blue-collar voters.

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