Another Memory Card With 2,755 Uncounted Votes Found In Georgia Election Audit

Another memory card with 2,755 votes has been unearthed during the Georgia election audit the Secretary of State's Office announced.

A memory card with 2,755 votes has been unearthed in Fayetteville County during the Georgia election audit the Secretary of State’s Office announced.

“There was an issue where we noticed there were more people on the absentee ballot filed for voting in-person in Fayette County than was in the actual reporting,” Secretary of State election official Gabriel Sterling said.

“It was discovered today for certain. Because of the audit, we found this,” he continued.

Sterling chalked the oversight up to human error.

“There were several places where the county should have seen this,” he accused. “There were several human beings that didn’t follow procedure.”

Surprising absolutely nobody, the count following the discovery of the memory card decreased presumed president-elect Joe Biden’s lead, though he still remains comfortably ahead in the state.

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Just Another Lost Memory Card Found in the Georgia Election Audit

An issue with another missing memory card was announced by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday.

This one involved a memory card that “election officials didn’t upload” into a ballot-scanning machine in Floyd County.

In that case, 2,600 votes weren’t originally tallied and the new count reduced Biden’s lead by roughly 800 votes.

Sterling also said human error was to blame, calling it “an amazing blunder” and adding, “It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a person not executing their job properly.”

Floyd County Republican Party Chairman Luke Floyd told the AJC that the mistake was “very concerning,” but it “doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue.”

But the Fayetteville County discovery makes this at least two instances that we know of. Is this a coincidence in Georgia?

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There May Be a Trend Developing in Georgia

Actually, maybe we’re seeing a trend with the Georgia audit rather than a coincidence. Because, according to WDEF in Atlanta, a third county is being investigated.

Though the error hasn’t been confirmed by the Secretary of State’s office, it reportedly involves just 224 votes in Walton County.

Critics are quick to point out these numbers are not enough to change the outcome.

Proponents of safe and accurate elections are quick to point out that these are only the instances we know about and that have been reported by left-leaning media.

Meanwhile, in the ever-important Georgia Senate runoffs, officials have had to warn a “vast number” of Democrats not to attempt to move to the Peach State and vote illegally.

“The vast number of people who said they were willing to move to Georgia just so they can vote in the runoff election has prompted state officials to push back on the idea,” Fox News reported.

Republicans are mocked and fact-checked over their concerns of election integrity. Yet those concerns are validated with each new report of errors and illegality.

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