Another Democrat Challenger For Biden? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Launches 2024 Presidential Exploratory Committee

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Lawyer and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy and son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, has openly said in recent weeks that he is highly considering running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2024 against incumbent President Joe Biden. 

Well, those words now have manifested into a formal presidential exploratory committee, meaning that Biden may potentially have a second primary challenger in addition to Marianne Williamson, who also declared her primary campaign against Biden recently.

“I am thinking about it yes,” Kennedy Jr. said to a crowd during a visitation to St. Anselm College in New Hampshire last Friday. “I have passed the biggest hurdle, that my wife has green lighted it.”

Kennedy Jr. would certainly be a wild card contender for the Democratic nomination since he has taken stances on certain issues that the current progressive base finds controversial. While he openly considers himself a lifelong Democrat, Kennedy Jr. has stood against his party when it comes to his opinions and activism against the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as other COVID protocols ranging from the lockdowns of 2020 to vaccine mandates.

The social media accounts for his organization, Children’s Health Defense, even had all their accounts taken down in 2022 due to alleged violations of the various platform’s policies regarding vaccine and COVID ‘misinformation’.

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A Fight For New Hampshire?

During his speech, Kennedy Jr. called out the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for intentionally changing the traditional nominating calendar by placing New Hampshire, which has historically been the first primary state for the Democrats, as the second state in the process.

It was only a month ago that the DNC voted to approve of the new calendar for 2024, a move which was heavily pushed for by the Biden campaign. This perhaps has to do with the fact that Biden heavily underperformed during the 2020 New Hampshire primary, trailing behind other candidates at the time such as Senators Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and then-Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Prior to the DNC’s final decision, Kennedy Jr. penned a letter urging them to maintain New Hampshire’s status as first in the nation status. His argument was the state’s “swing state” tendencies, as well as it’s ‘diverse’ voting base. “Four electoral votes could decide the 2024 election,” he stated.

“Most importantly, New Hampshire runs the most secure and transparent election in America,” Kennedy Jr.’s letter continued. “It should be a model for our country at a time when we need it most.”

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An Anti-Vaccine Candidate?

Kennedy Jr. also gave the crowd a light outline of what a potential campaign platform could look like. While leading with his emphasis on typical progressive environmental policies, he did however spend a good amount of time dedicated to discussing his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine and the subsequent policies related to it he feels are a threat to American liberty.

“We know that there is some environmental exposure that is causing these [pandemics],” he said. “I suspect the vaccines are the biggest cause.”

Kennedy Jr. is also not a fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he also wrote a book about, titled “The Real Anthony Fauci,” chastising his influence and role in the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns. Apparently Kennedy Jr. was in good company during this trip, since it was noted that some members of the audience were seen with their own copies of the book hoping to get them autographed.

Not all in attendance completely agreed with everything he had to say, however. 

In regards to his vaccine stance, one college student remarked, “I personally do not agree; however, it was informative to hear about the other side.”

Do you think Kennedy Jr. could pose as a major threat to Biden’s re-election if he decides to formally jump into the race? Let us know in the comments below and across social media.

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