Father of Victim in Florida Shooting Mocked for Trump Shirt

andrew pollack daughter

I’m calling it now: To be a full-fledged liberal means to lack all human emotion and compassion.

That’s the only explanation available for the following instance of just plain cruelty.

Andrew Pollack is the father of a girl who was in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yesterday during the shooting. We just learned his daughter unfortunately died in the shooting.

To make matters worse, look at how liberals reacted to a picture of him searching desperately for his daughter.

Here is the picture:

Obviously, liberals latched immediately onto Pollack’s shirt, and pretty much decided that he had the entire thing coming. The missing of his daughter, the worrying that she was among the victims, the fatherly fear that his child was gone, the heartbreaking realization that she died – he deserves it all because he supports Trump.

That’s what liberals believe, judging by the following comments:

The liberals blaming Trump have no idea what they’re talking about, per usual.

The bill Trump signed into law ended an Obama-era rule that prevented people on Social Security from owning guns if they were deemed mentally unfit. Even the ACLU supported Trump in the repeal.

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In the wake of any tragedy, Americans should be able to come together, despite their political differences. How shameful it is that some people just can’t look past politics and see a person hurting on the other side.

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