Analysis: Liberals Have Chose To Tear Apart What They Cannot Rule

What is happening to America is going according to a plan written long ago.

Saul Alinsky wrote many years ago that the way to destroy America is to destroy the white working middle class.

That has been accomplished along with traditional family values and the Christian religion. Barack Obama allegedly lectured on Alinsky tactics while Hillary Clinton proudly proclaimed herself to be an Alinskyite.

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Traitors and idiots leading a country full of morons who continuously elect the same corrupt psychopaths what other endings could there be. Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals dedicated to Satan. Bolsheviks didn’t disappear; they just changed their name.


The Democrat Party of today has become more radical than the Weather Underground, raising the question what traitorous red line must the Democrat Party cross before the leaders are arrested for sedition, and the Party disbanded for being an organization that has only one objective: The fundamental transformation of our Constitutional Republic, into a totalitarian socialist state.

Political activism and political theories mean absolutely nothing for a healthy state, a healthy nation. Let’s not overestimate the significance of said Alinsky or any other bogey man primarily in the imagination of the “right,” the reality is–with or without Alinsky America’s implosion is happening for many different reasons than some, however sophisticated, tactics of sowing discord. It is a SYSTEMIC crisis, in which recent events are just one of many manifestations of such a crisis.


The Cult of Liberalism has chosen to tear apart what they cannot rule. The Cult cannot live with the Bill of Rights. It abhors believers of any confession. It demands deviance and honors the destruction of children and families.

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But these dogmas are not what is the root of the problem. Elites, millionaires, and billionaires want it all. All the Power and all the Wealth. They control through their wealth the Cult of Liberalism. They payroll the violent anarchists of Occupy, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.

These Elites have shipped 10 million jobs to Asia. They have frozen real pay at the 1970s level. This has created the death throes of the middle class. It buries the Black, Brown, and uneducated in a poverty class.

The Elites are not Capitalists. They are Accumulators of Wealth and Political Power. They build nothing. Most things die or decay wherever they rule.


The real terrorists in this country are the Democratic Party. Their title is misleading as being democracies’ voice, but they would shut down anyone who disagreed with their agenda for the US.

If you disagreed with Obama, you were a racist. Now, if you are white, you are a racist, and you only have what you have because you are white. Sad to see and hear such rhetoric; why has it come to this?

To divide us further and further until the bonds that use to be the US are broken and will never in a thousand years be healed. To insight, an insurrection will result in a Civil War, and the only people who will suffer will be the innocent, which usually means; women, children, and the elderly. I’m voting for President Trump again!

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The left despises our America, primarily, it seems, because it cannot have its decadent ways always. In hating it, I doubt it is trying to destroy it, but destroy it only until they get their way.

They want to OWN the USA so that they can make all the decisions, collect all the money, destroy all they dislike and find their selves in a mess of a nation which will eventually fall under their “leadership” and their “ownership”.



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