Judge Andrew Napolitano put Hillary Clinton’s legal woes in perspective, saying she is currently at “the vortex of a perfect storm of legal misery.”

Judge Napolitano explained that the latest news – interviews with her top aides – led two federal judges to suggest there is evidence that the Office of the Secretary of State engaged in an attempt to circumvent federal law under Clinton’s tenure.

From there, it gets worse according to the Judge.

Via Fox News Insider:

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on “Special Report” that Clinton is currently at “the vortex of a perfect storm of legal misery.”

Napolitano said that Clinton’s senior aides have been ordered to testify in two Freedom of Information Act cases, and two federal judges have suggested that there is likely evidence of a conspiracy in the Office of the Secretary of the State to evade or avoid federal law.

He said that after Clinton’s aides are called in to speak to the FBI, she will be called.

“She’s damned if she does, she’s damned if she doesn’t,” Napolitano said.

“If she goes in there, they will catch her in material misrepresentations because she’s been making them for a year on this. If she doesn’t go in there, she will defy her statement ‘I can’t wait to talk to the FBI,’ which of course they disbelieve, because nobody wants to talk to the FBI when you’re the subject of one of their criminal investigations.”

Check out Napolitano’s assessment of Clinton’s legal woes below …

As The Political Insider reported yesterday, Clinton may be interviewed by FBI Director James Comey within days and the entire investigation may be wrapped up within weeks.

Charles Krauthammer, in the same segment above, has reached his own conclusion in the case.

“I think she gets either indicted or there’s a criminal referral,” Krauthammer predicted.

He did add that the referral could very well be “somehow squashed by the higher ups.”

Still, Krauthammer concluded, “I can’t see her getting away from this with nothing.”

Check out this report on the Freedom of Information cases Napolitano was speaking about above:

Comment: Are Clinton’s legal woes starting to accelerate towards an indictment as Napolitano and Krauthammer suggest? What do you think will happen with Hillary’s email scandal? Share your thoughts below.

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