America Cheers: Antifa Finally Listed As Terrorist Group

The president only confirmed what most have known for a long time.


Americans from across the sane political spectrum applauded President Donald Trump’s definition of the radical anarchist/left-wing/Democrat-allied group Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. Burning businesses, homes, and streets across America are proof of their terrorist actions.

Antifa has for some time led violent riots against American institutions and conservative and GOP figures. But never once, not once, have they taken action against Democrats, the media, or other groups they consider to be their friends in their war against the United States.

The radical group is comprised of several hard-left organizations and has fans at all levels of the Left—from Joe Biden, who took a knee in their defense over the weekend, to Keith Ellison, the Michigan attorney general and hardcore Islamist Antifa promoter (not to mention serial abuser of women) who ironically has just been named the lead prosecutor in the George Floyd case.

The name of the group itself is a misnomer, as if they were truly anti-fascists living in a fascist society they would have been in jail or hunted by police long ago, not free to roam at will, setting fire to American cities. But “anti-fascist” is a seasoned Marxist term used long ago by the Soviets, the Red Chinese, and by other prog groups who want to term anyone who disagrees with their twisted ideas as “fascist.”

Actual anti-fascists like Saint Edith Stein, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Churchill himself would at first laugh at the spoiled children and dark sad robots who flock to the Antifa banner. But they also would remember that real fascists, like the 1920s-30s German SA, start out in the streets before they make their bloodthirsty bids for power. The president has urged local officials to confront the danger.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr echoed Trump: “Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda. In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence. In that regard, it is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting.  We will enforce these laws.”

The Antifa phenomenon is from an old playbook written initially by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci and further customized by American radical Saul Alinsky. The formula is this: Call a free society fascist, begin protests, escalate to riots, and during such riots target for destruction persons and property of the middle class. Those people, fearful for their lives and livelihoods, or so the recipe goes, will now demand police action to stop the mayhem. Politicians, many of whom will give any mob what it wants, will suspend the rights of the accused rioters to fight the public safety threat. That suspension grows to the rights of other opponents of the state. And then, viola, you have the fascist society that groups like Antifa claim to have been fighting against from the beginning. Neat trick, huh?

One issue with their little plot: Americans, and in this instance President Trump, know very well how to fight a threat, internal or external, and still keep the United States a free country. Sorry, Joe Biden and Keith Ellison, America won’t take the bait.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on June 1, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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