Must See – Ambassador Stevens Ex-Fiance Shreds Hillary Over His Death


Lydie Denier, an actress, model, and former fiance to the late Ambassador Chris Stevens, said in an interview that Hillary Clinton failed to do her job by ignoring repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi.

Denier spoke with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg, explaining that she and Stevens were engaged to be married many years ago, and that she continued to care deeply for him despite calling off the wedding.

She described the day she found out about the attack in Benghazi and the shocking news that the man she cared for had been killed.

“When his picture came back on the screen I put my glasses on and it was him,” she said. “It was a shock.”

Denier then turned her focus to Hillary Clinton. She hinted that she could go on about her at length, but due to time constraints would simply say “she should have done a better job for security.”

She also took a shot at Clinton for claiming Ambassador Stevens was a friend.

“If he was a friend, like she said, he was a friend, then you don’t let your friend down,” Denier charged.

Watch the interview below …

Via Newsmax:

Denier is an actress and model working on a documentary titled, “A Voice for Ambassador Chris Stevens.” She points to Clinton as at least partly to blame for Stevens’ death after militants stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in the Libyan capital on Sept. 11, 2012.

“As far as Hillary Clinton, it would take more than six minutes for me to say how I feel, but obviously you know I feel,” Denier says. “I think she should have done a better job for security and not ignore his requests. And if he was a friend, like she said, he was a friend, then you don’t let your friend down.”

Denier adds that she’s tried to talk with Clinton for her documentary but the effort has been fruitless.

Denier had also published a column in Tuck Magazine, blasting Clinton for hiding thousands of e-mails on her server, many just days after the attack, for years to come.

“The delay in revealing information about what took place in Benghazi was painful for me, leaving me frustrated and angry,” she wrote. “I am also angry that although Hillary Clinton’s emails have been made public, we have also been told that she has destroyed 30,000 of those emails deciding to hide them from the world.”

Denier added that “She (Clinton) says they are ‘personal,’ but who believes her?”

Only Hillary believes Hillary.

In the end, Denier believes Clinton is nothing more than one of many “politicians protecting themselves” while the memories of Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans – Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith – are slowly pushed to the background.

Here’s a refresher on the repeated security requests being denied in Benghazi by Clinton and the Obama administration …

Comment: Did Hillary Clinton simply abandon somebody she claimed was a friend in Ambassador Stevens? Tell us your thoughts below.

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