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Huge Benghazi Scoop: Obama & Hillary Deliberately Ignored Major Security Threat

Here is an incredible scoop by Fox News about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya which is sure to haunt Hillary Clinton as she runs for President in 2016.

Multiple sources have confirmed that almost a year before the Benghazi attack, where four Americans were killed, the United States consulate in Benghazi warned then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department that a terror organization aligned with Ansar al-Sharia rented a space right next door. Despite this information, Clinton denied the consulate’s request for a protective barrier because, in part, “it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and it would upset the neighbors” — the same neighbors who ended up KILLING four Americans – including an Ambassador – inside the embassy.

Think about that for a moment. This wasn’t like your worst neighbors in suburbia installing tacky yard ornaments or having a fixer-upper car up on blocks. This was building functional protection against viciously trained members of a terrorist organization, willing to die for their cause.

According to one intelligence source, American security personnel specifically asked for an M240 machine gun to mount on the roof at the consulate for added protection, but were turned down repeatedly.

A State Department source also confirmed to Fox News that “they asked for a belt-fed mounted machine gun, but were specifically denied by the State Department because they said it would upset the locals.”

Asked about these assertions at Monday’s press briefing, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf called the claims “dubious.”

But a senior State Department official acknowledged Tuesday that there was a request of some kind from the Benghazi post on Aug. 22. “It was being considered in Tripoli on the day of the attack. It was contained in a list of security requests, so to say that the request was rejected is inaccurate,” the official said.

The official said the department, though, has “no record” at this point of Ansar al-Sharia moving in next door.

Fox News is told that American personnel also requested sandbags to help fortify positions at the compound because “the only thing in between us and the neighbors was grass and a couple of trees and a wall.”

“The State Department knew it. Everyone on the ground knew it,” one source with direct knowledge of the attack said.

Another source said the sandbags were denied because “making shooting positions was too aesthetically unpleasing.”


According to multiple sources, the department selected the militia over multiple other militia groups, private companies and even U.S. Marines to protect and secure the American consulate in Benghazi, despite the fact that those on the ground questioned the decision. As one special operator noted, “They may have been sold as the best option … but it was a terrible option. Only D.C. trusted them.”

Via Fox News

So Hillary knew of this threat and this massive security screwup, yet STILL claimed the attack was caused by a YouTube video. No wonder the Obama administration was so anxious to silence Fox News.