Al Sharpton: The Gift That Keeps on Giving for Video Hilarity


Al Sharpton is an amazing person. He’s built a resume of rabble rousing over the last 30 years and turned it into a lucrative way to make a living. Long gone are the cheap sweatsuits. Sharpton now sports $1000 tailored suits. That’s easy to do when you don’t pay taxes and owe the IRS $4.5 million.

Sharpton is well known for his poor hosting skills on MSNBC. The Washington Free Beacon has been paying attention. First, is a video of Al not really knowing what people are talking about and he asks. Over and over.



In the second, Sharpton comes to realize that the best response to what somebody says is simply to repeat it in the form of a question:


What career advice would you give Al Sharpton?

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