After Terror Attack In Israel, Trump Jr. Explains Our Second Amendment ‘Ain’t For Deer Hunting’

Donald Trump Jr. argues on social that "even the dumbest leftists" see the need for a strong Second Amendment in the wake of the Hamas terrorist assault on Israel.
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Donald Trump Jr. argued on social that “even the dumbest leftists” see the need for a strong Second Amendment in the wake of the Hamas terrorist assault on Israel.

The former President’s son’s comments come as terror attacks in Israel have killed over 1,200 people, including at least 14 Americans. Hamas launched an attack with a barrage of rockets while hundreds of terrorists invaded homes in several Israeli communities near the border.

The carnage includes a massacre on a kibbutz near the Gaza border that reports indicate included children and families who were burned alive.

The butchery is nothing short of repugnant.

Aside from a conclusion to be drawn about secure borders, there is also an argument to be made for the right to self-defense and the importance of the Second Amendment.

“If anyone is still stupid enough to not understand why we have the 2nd amendment, have them watch any one of the hundreds of videos coming from Israel,” Trump Jr. wrote on the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter.

“Even the dumbest leftists watching women and children being dragged from their homes and cars to be raped and murdered in cold blood in the streets may finally get it,” he added.

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Attack On Israel Shows Need For Strong Second Amendment

The Political Insider touched on this concept in previous reporting about Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), who has long been an advocate for taking away Second Amendment rights. Booker found himself caught in the fray when Hamas attacked Israel and had to flee the country.

“Maybe disarming citizens … is a bad idea when there are people with ill intent designed to inflict terror on the populace out there,” we wrote.

Trump Jr. followed up on his point in another post to X on Tuesday.

“You know that 30-round magazine the left is always trying to confiscate and ban?” he asked. “Well now you know why you need them, and they ain’t for deer hunting.”

In other posts, Trump Jr. suggested, “If you don’t yet own an AR-15 you really need to think that through right about now,” and implored gun owners: “Don’t ever give up your guns!”

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Here’s An Example Of ‘Even The Dumbest Leftists’

While there are plenty of examples of some intellectually deprived leftists who still might not understand the need for a strong Second Amendment in the wake of the terrorist attacks against Israel, we might as well go to the top.

President Joe Biden has mocked gun owners as needing more firepower if they wish to take on the federal government, saying Second Amendment proponents need F-15s instead of AR-15s.

“I love my right-wing friends who talk about ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,'” Biden said, referencing a famous quote by Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence.

“Give me a — if you need to worry about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s,” Biden continued. “You don’t need an AR-15. I’m serious.”

Now that right there is a dumb leftist. Think he’s seen the light?

What about when the need arises to take on terrorists from somebody else’s government? Israel has a strong Air Force. They have an Iron Dome missile defense system.

What they don’t have is a well-armed populace. The BBC reported in March that while gun ownership was on the rise due to Palestinian violence, just 2% of Israelis owned a firearm compared to 30% of Americans.

Biden also, to Trump Jr.’s point, has repeatedly mocked gun owners as being feeble and unable to hunt deer because they must be wearing “Kevlar vests.”

“There’s no social redeeming value,” Biden said of so-called ‘assault weapons.’ “Deer aren’t wearing Kevlar vests out there. What the hell do you need an assault – no, I’m serious.”

But of course, Biden knows the Second Amendment, written on the heels of a freshly fought American revolution, wasn’t designed to address deer hunting.

To put a final punctuation mark on this, consider the story of Inbar Lieberman, a 25-year-old Israeli woman who distributed guns to 12 people and coordinated a response to the Hamas terrorists with members of the community.

According to the Daily Mail, she and the well-armed, well-defended group took out over two dozen war criminals and their kibbutz was “among the few communities that Hamas terrorists attempted to enter but were repelled.”

Even the dumbest leftists can see that she would have been derided as a far-right gun nut in their view just days ago. Now, however, she is very clearly a hero.

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