Image of Cory Booker Holding Anti-Israel Sign Resurfaces After He Is Forced to Flee ‘Sickening’ Palestinian Terrorist Attacks

Senator Cory Booker, who was just forced to flee the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel this past weekend, was seen in 2018 holding up a sign in support of pro-Palestine activists.
Public Image on Social Media: @Cernovich X Platform

Senator Cory Booker, who was just forced to flee the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel this past weekend, was seen in 2018 holding up a sign in support of pro-Palestine activists.

The image resurfaced on social media after news of Booker’s (D-NJ) harrowing experience.

“I was in Israel when the horrific attacks carried out by Hamas started on Saturday,” he wrote on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

“My team and I are now safe, but like many we are shaken, angered, and heartbroken by the hundreds killed, the thousands injured, those taken hostage, and all who are directly affected by these sickening terrorist attacks,” he added.

Booker recounted having to take refuge in a bomb shelter before being flown out on Sunday.

Israel was attacked over the weekend with a barrage of rockets and hundreds of Hamas terrorists who invaded several Israeli towns. Online videos showed them shooting civilians and kidnapping citizens – the elderly and children – and soldiers, while other reports indicated that they were raping women.

There is no way to sugarcoat what happened.

It has been compared to 9/11. Over 1,100 Israelis were killed in the attacks, including at least 9 Americans. Hamas also took over 100 hostages who they have vowed to execute on camera if Israel continues its ongoing retaliatory attacks.

Hamas is an Islamist militant movement governing the Gaza Strip as one of the Palestinian territories’ two major political parties.

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Booker Caught Holding Up Anti-Israel Sign

An image from August of 2018 showing Booker holding an anti-Israel sign made the rounds following the Palestinian terror attacks over the weekend.

The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights posted the original image on X showing the Democrat senator attending the Netroots Nation conference.

Booker can be seen smiling with anti-Israel activists while holding up a sign that reads: “From Palestine to Mexico. All the Walls Have Got to Go.”

Booker, as you can see, is also standing next to a woman wearing a t-shirt promoting a pro-Palestine message.

At the time, his office defended the senator, saying that he only had a moment to glance at the sign and exclusively paid attention to the Mexico portion of the message.

“He didn’t have time to read the sign,” spokesman Jeff Giertz told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “From his cursory glance he thought it was talking about Mexico and didn’t realize it had anything to do with Israel.”

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Rabbi Hammers Booker After Attack

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, whom The Washington Post and Newsweek have called “the most famous Rabbi in America,” eviscerated Cory Booker for running away from the terrorist attacks in Israel.

“Cory Booker voted to give Iran $150b. Then he ran today away from Israel,” wrote Shmuley, who claimed that the two were once close friends. “@corybooker please stop bragging about how you endured rockets in Israel.”

“You voted to give the Iranian terrorist monsters, who are largely responsible through Hamas for this attack that murdered 700 Israelis, $150 billion to murder innocents, in order to preserve your political standing,” he continued in a scathing commentary on X.

The rabbi is referencing an element of the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by former President Barack Obama which, much like the $6 billion recently released by President Joe Biden, fact-checkers have defended as simply the unfreezing of assets.

Shmuley proceeded to assert the only hope for Booker’s “relationship with (the) Jewish Community” is to “come to the well of the Senate floor this week and condemn your own vote to give billions to Iran and by extension Hamas.”

“Otherwise, we are not interested in these posts,” he concluded. “Words are cheap, Cory.”

One can only hope that Booker learned a lesson from the death and devastation he was forced to flee. Maybe walls work. Maybe disarming citizens, which he supports, is a bad idea when there are people with ill intent designed to inflict terror on the populace out there.

Where will he stand when terror cells from the Middle East make their way across the U.S. border and activate?

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