Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler is an American rock icon. He’s been around for decades performing concerts with Aerosmith. But he’s more than just a rock star – he also spends his time and fortune working for special causes like helping abused and neglected girls who have been traumatized.

Now the big payoff has reached his soundstage. The United Nations plans to honor Tyler for his work and effort. Our children are our future, and so many are abused by family members or friends… some of them resulting in permanent body injuries and even death.

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The 2016 Humanitarian Award has been announced and it’s well deserved because Steven Tyler has been working hard to help girls who have been through trauma heal from their neglect and abuse. The Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations want to honor Steven Tyler at the Ambassadors’ Ball on December 3, 2016 in New York.

Steven Tyler has worked in a partnership with Youth Villages though Janie’s Fund, which he created in 2015 to help those girls through their trials from the trauma and abuse. The 2016 Humanitarian Award means a lot to Steven Tyler. And he’s opened up about the problem stating that it “broke his heart,” to see the amount of abuse going on in just America. He said:

“As a father to three daughters, a son, and, now a grandfather, it broke my heart to learn that each year in America alone 700,000 children are victims of serious abuse or neglect and 68,000 will be sexually abused,” Tyler stated. “All abuse is wrong — verbal, physical, sexual, emotional. We need to have better ways as parents to help our children and support them. Way too many kids are experiencing abuse, and we want to change that. Enough is enough.”

Tyler’s experiences have made him a hero to many, and a leader to others.

As music fans, sometimes we do not get to witness some of the amazing things they do offstage, and I am glad Tyler is being rewarded. Too many musicians and celebrities are known for hard partying lifestyles, broken families, or worse. In fact, Steven Tyler has spoken bluntly about overcoming his drug addiction. Check this out:

When kids look up to famous celebrities, they deserve to see good role models like the iconic leader of Aerosmith!

What do you guys think we could do to decrease the amount of abuse in America? Or better yet, around the world?

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