Adam Schiff Says Trump ‘Adviser’ Sean Hannity Needs To Answer To January 6 Committee

On Tuesday, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff said that the House Select Committee on the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack needs to hear from Sean Hannity, claiming the Fox News host was an adviser to former President Donald Trump.

Schiff made his comments during an interview on MSNBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports.”

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Schiff Says 1/6 Committee Will Ask Hannity For His ‘Voluntary Testimony’

Hallie Jackson said to Schiff, “Congressman, I know I have to let you go, but this literally just popped into my e-mail from Axios reporting the January 6 Select Committee is preparing to ask Sean Hannity, Fox News host, for his voluntary testimony.”

“I would be remiss journalistic if I didn’t ask you since sitting in front of me?” Jackson said to Schiff. “Is that the expectation? Are you looking for information or cooperation from Mr. Hannity?”
Schiff replied, “Yes. I think you’ll see an announcement about that very soon. You know, we believe that he was texting with the chief of staff and that he has information that would be relative to our committee.”

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Schiff Says Hannity Was ‘A Confidant, Adviser, Campaigner’ For Trump

Schiff then explained why he believed Hannity was a focus in this probe.

“He was more than a Fox host,” Schiff said. “He was also a confidant, adviser, campaigner for the former president. I would hope that if asked by the committee, as in fact, he will be very soon, he would cooperate with us.”

Jackson asked, “That’s a voluntary request? Just so I’m clear on that?”

Schiff responded, “That’s my understanding, and you’ll get confirmation soon. We are making voluntary requests that he speak with the committee.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Hannity will cooperate with Schiff’s committee. 

John Hanson

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