ABC News Tries To Paint Kyrsten Sinema As ‘Hard Right’ For Fighting Back On Dem Spending Spree

ABC News made a perplexing analysis over the weekend, suggesting Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema had taken a “hard turn to the right” by resisting the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending spree.

“Once a staunch progressive, Arizona’s senior senator has taken a hard turn to the right,” ABC tweeted. “On the surface, that appears to have been an effort to make her more electable by courting moderate and conservative voters.”

An associated link led viewers to a FiveThirtyEight article – a subsidiary of ABC News – which attempted to explain why she had suddenly shifted her political views to the right.

The article proceeds to explain that Sinema (D-AZ) has “established such a firm anti-progressive reputation” that she may be endangering her own reelection by turning off Democrats.

They suggest that she, like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, has voted with former President Trump “more often than expected.”

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ABC News Paints Kyrsten Sinema as ‘Hard Right’

The ABC News report painting Kyrsten Sinema as going ‘hard right’ received a fair amount of pushback, not the least of which involved a FiveThirtyEight analysis itself.

The group reports that the Arizona Democrat votes with President Biden “100%” of the time and approved every single one of his nominees.

Some of those nominees have been extraordinary ‘hard left’ selections.

Those selections include Tracy Stone-Manning, the nominee to be Director of the Bureau of Land Management, who has ties to ecoterrorism, and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, who recently defended the federal government going door-to-door in pressuring Americans to get the COVID vaccine.

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She Gets Stalked Like a Republican

Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s opposition to the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is causing quite a bit of consternation amongst Democrats.

Daring to defy a spending spree wishlist for the party is simply unacceptable on the left.

And while Sinema’s record doesn’t indicate she’s taken a “hard turn to the right,” she’s certainly being treated as if she is a Republican, as evidenced by a spate of stalkings involving ‘hard left’ activists.

Last weekend, a group of progressive activists followed Senator Sinema into a bathroom and then recorded her as they stood outside her stall protesting immigration reform and her opposition to Democrats’ economic agenda.

She was accosted on a plane shortly thereafter by another unruly activist and ‘DREAMer.’

Activists again planned to get at Sinema this past weekend when she took part in the Boston Marathon, though they were unsuccessful this time around as the Senator had to drop out due to a foot injury.

Portraying Kyrsten Sinema as ‘hard right’ is a media tactic designed to stir up these protesters and pressure the Arizona Democrat into caving to the party’s extremist agenda.

ABC News is carrying water for the DNC.



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