Trump voters need to turn out for all elections. Look at Ballotpedia and compare turnout for 2018 compared to 2016—it wasn’t there.

That has always been our problem. Trump becomes President, and people think they have won the war forevermore. In the meantime, the other millions that make up the government are being replaced by Left-leaning ideologues.


If we don’t bother to vote in local and state elections, one day, as we stand in line waiting for the monthly government delivery of bread, people will ask, “Trump, who?”

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It is the conservative side that is the true “resistance.” Even with President Trump, the Leftists have not slowed down their agenda to fundamentally change our Constitutional Republic into a globalist totalitarian state. We are allowing a record number of foreigners who do not know or believe in God-given rights and liberty into this country to prop up the Marxist ideology.

We must re-establish justice in this country. We need to ensure peace at home. We need to provide everyday security. We need to promote general well-being and prosperity. We need to secure liberty and freedom for ourselves and our children.

And we must stand up to the tyranny of the mob.


All Trump voters must vote in all elections, including school boards, local and State District Attorney elections, bond measures, mid-terms, special elections. If there is any kind of election—even dog catcher, we have to vote. The difference between Democrats and Trumpists is we hate politics—I get it, but voting is what we have, and Democrats throw everything they have into elections—including lying, cheating, and stealing.

The answer: overwhelming numbers. What is it we’re doing that is so important we can’t take an hour or two to vote?

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We know that some of the elections, particularly in California and the West, were stolen by Democrats in 2018. Several Republicans were winners until several days later; more ballots were miraculously “found,” and the Dim candidates declared the winners. And the (R) candidates rolled over and conceded. This November will likely be chaos as Democrats pull out every trick in the book to cheat and steal the election.

We need poll watchers and vigilance. Vote harvesting will be epidemic and fraud rampant. It’s not about who votes, but who counts the votes. We need to document and report any observed shenanigans.


We need to make voting a truly-leveling experience. Why is it that we can only vote FOR someone, but not AGAINST someone?

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Why doesn’t the voting ballots have a “No” box that can be checked? If a large percentage of voters select “No,” then that candidate is disqualified.

The Democrats have made a critical error in overplaying this hand. When you ramp up fear as a strategy, people will ultimately make their decisions on which side is acting in ways that calm anxiety.

The choice will eventually be between “hair on fire” Democrats and a resolute Trump working on solutions. Some will choose the fear, but I don’t think enough will.

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