10-Year-Old Boy Wants Apple to Ditch ‘Offensive’ Nerd Emoji

nerd emoji boy

A lot of us believe too many people have become far too sensitive. A nation of easily-offended weaklings.

Especially younger people.

But don’t tell this 10-year-boy that. He’s on a mission.

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Teddy Thinks the ‘Nerd Emoji’ is ‘Offensive and Insulting’

The New York Post reports:

In a bid to promote inclusivity and challenge stereotypes, 10-year-old Teddy from England, has initiated a campaign urging Apple to redesign its “nerd face” emoji.

Teddy, a proud glasses-wearer, finds the current emoji “offensive and insulting” due to its portrayal of prominent front teeth.

Teddy revealed the motivation behind the campaign to the BBC, saying, “we want to change this – Apple is making it absolutely horrible for people wearing glasses.”

His redesigned emoji, which he affectionately calls the “genius emoji”, features thin lenses, thin frames, and a small smiley face, steering away from what he describes as “horrible rabbit teeth.”

The boy may be right on a few points. But isn’t this “Poindexter” stereotype largely a relic from the past? After all, the number of pocket protectors and taped-together Buddy Holly glasses in English schools has to be extremely low, though probably higher than here in America. Sometimes our strange cousins even carry briefcases to school.

“The young advocate hopes that Apple will adopt his redesigned emoji, emphasising the importance of accurate representation and challenging stereotypes associated with glasses wearers,” the Post added.


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‘I like wearing glasses because they make me see a lot better, and they look good and stylish’

Teddy told the BBC: “They’re making people think we’re nerds and it’s absolutely horrible.”

I can’t speak for the Brits, but “nerds” isn’t necessarily an insult any longer in America – at least not like it was in 1984 when Revenge of the Nerds hit theatres.

These days, nerds are celebrated as our digital gurus. They can even be the epitome of cool – just look at Elon Musk.

Teddy wants to turn the nerd emoji icon into what he calls “the genius emoji,” and he hopes Apple listens.

“It’s got thin lenses and thin frames… and then it’s got a little smiley face instead of the horrible rabbit teeth,” Teddy explained. “I like wearing glasses because they make me see a lot better, and they look good and stylish.”

Whether Teddy gets his way is up to Apple. People will debate whether being so sensitive about such a trivial subject at such a young age is healthy or not.

But either way, Teddy feels how Teddy feels, and at any rate, Teddy looks like he will grow up to be a man with new ideas and the gumption to try to make them reality.

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