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Video: Diamond And Silk Respond To Eminem

In case you haven’t heard, middle-aged rapper Eminem is the latest celebrity to disrespect President Donald Trump. At the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this week, he delivered a four-and-a-half minute hate-filled tirade against Trump and his supporters, and the liberal media just ate it all up.

Of course, you won’t find a single Trump supporter on planet Earth who cares what Eminem has to say. But Diamond and Silk, purveyors of The Viewer’s View, certainly weren’t going to let him get away with spewing his vitriol.

The duo posted a response video titled, “Diamond and Silk Clap-back at Eminem.” In the caption they write, “Hope y’all didn’t think that we was going to let midnight catch us before getting M&M Ass-sets straight. Did ya? Y’all know we don’t roll like that…… When you come for President Trump, we are going to come for you, boo…..”

In the video, Diamond and Silk repeatedly remind Eminem that Trump is his president – and he needs to stop crying and get over it. Watch below.


Diamond and Silk are absolutely right. Donald Trump is the leader of the free world; Eminem is a washed-up rapper looking to buy himself some more fame by pandering to liberal outrage. I wonder who has more influence?



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