Rapper Eminem Drops 4-Minute ‘We F***in Hate Trump’ Rap at Hip Hop Awards

Just keep it coming celebs … nothing ensures another four years of President Trump than drivel like this.

Another D-List celebrity went on an anti-Trump tirade, and the left is falling all over themselves trying to sing his praises.

This time it was hip hop artist, Eminem, the 45-year-old rapper clinging to the last vestiges of his youth by pretending to be cool with the in crowd.

The middle-aged artist, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, tore into President Trump at the Hip Hop Awards hosted by BET (Black Entertainment Television).

Marshall called Trump a “racist grandpa,” “Donald the b****,” then praised anti-American football player Colin Kaepernick.

The media were quick to delight in Marshall’s mid-life crisis, celebrating the rappers 4-minute “musical” tirade. CNN, the network often accused of being ‘fake news,’ actually prepared a list of the 11 “fiercest” lines from Mathers’ sad little trope.

The list included this masterpiece of lyrical brilliance: ‘Racism’s the only thing he’s Fantastic 4 cause that’s how he gets his rock off, he’s orange.’

Oooh … Mic drop, little man.

NBA star Lebron James couldn’t help but celebrate the silly line.


Meanwhile, Kaepernick expressed his appreciation for Marshall joining him in their anti-American, anti-Trump views. Which, judging by how Kaepernick has tanked NFL ratings of late, should work wonders for Marshall’s new album release.


Honestly, you’d expect a couple of guys like Kaepernick and Mathers to join forces – a pair of overrated has-beens looking for any kind of attention they can get.

Must be hard knowing you have to ride the coattails of the man you absolutely despise in order to be relevant again.


The way these out-of-touch former celebs keep ranting about Trump, 2020 is going to be an easy victory for the President.

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