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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Eldon says:

    Heard a few of her on-air rants over the last months. Does she have alzheimers / dementia or such?

  2. Daniel says:


  3. Ardy says:

    Maxine Waters needs help desperately!!! Her mental state is GONE!!! She is the one who needs to be replaced – not Pres. Trump. She’s a big part of a huge problem America is having. Talk about loose canyons – way tooooooo many holding public office. We must implement terms limits to two for every one. Things are truly out of control.

  4. nrahat says:

    maxine enjoys riding with the KKK.

  5. quasimodo says:

    maxine needs to lay off the alcohol she is really starting to lose it. maxine was voted the most corrupt politician in the united states by watch dog groupd. its time to take her crazy corrupt ass off and just die some place. the world would be much better with that kames brown wig wearing aunt ester wannabe in it !

  6. Buleah says:

    How about mentioning she paid her daughter, a huge sum, out of campaign funds, for stuffing envelopes! The less relevant you become, the more you roar! I bet the “Godfather” is spinning in his grave, looking at her hair!

  7. Johnnie says:

    Black Americans continue to be conned into putting people like Maxine Waters back in office.Like others,it’s clear Mrs Waters cares nothing for those that put her in office as she continues to fill her own pockets from her crooked secret deals ! Mrs Waters doesn’t want black Americans to ever escape the projects.She needs these people to ‘need’ her.She is a crook,plain and simple and hopefully before long she will not only discover that she can be removed from office but also be sent to prison !

  8. karen says:

    Would someone in her district please get the ball rolling on removing her from office. She does a disservice to all elected officials. I am so tired of Congress doing what they want to do instead of what their constituents want. I say if they are not representing their district as the majority expects then they should be removed. If it can’t be done now, then VOTE her out. I am for term limits as well. Although NONE of Congress will vote for term limits as it will stop the gravy train.

  9. Bradley says:

    Killary Pelosi and Old Crazy Maxine Waters all Need to be Fitted with Special Jackets and admitted into Bellevue Sanitarium for The Demented because They are Dangerous to Themselves and Others JUST SAYIN

  10. June says:

    Roses are red and violets are blue Waters is nutz and Hillary is too. That just about covers what I think of this Liberal Socialist Sea Hag that should be put away for her own safety.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Waters must have dementia like Nancy Pelosi & the Hildabeast!! Maybe it wouldn’t be easy to impeach her but it could be done if they catch her criminal acts. Maxine, you ugly whiner, you can be voted out of office too so shut your trap, we aren’t the least bit interested in your lame opinions!

  12. Phil says:

    Maxine Waters is loonier than Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Fauxcahontas all rolled into one. She is delusional and may be a danger to herself.

    Phil in TX

  13. Esau says:

    The Daily Outrage. I want to cancel my subscription. I’m tired of Maxine’s issues.

  14. Jane says:

    She’s a real idiot. She’ll be ousted and will go on a loony rant like Hillary has. Waters looks like Clyde on Every Which Way But Loose.

    1. Marilyn says:

      Great analogy Jane!! Lol.

  15. Larry says:

    “Can’t be impeached? What about the corrupt Florida congresshag Brown who was just recently convicted on NUMEROUS corruption charges! That hag certainly is no longer in congress.

  16. Sayedna says:

    And you, Maxine Waters, are a loud mouth ignorant biatch who lies worst than President Trump ever dreamed of. If you had any self-respect at all, which you don’t, you would resign from Congress. Maybe you can’t be impeached, but believe me, there are plenty of other ways to remove your smelly butt from office. The rank stink from your multitude of corruptions will permeate the walls and halls of Congress long after you have gone.

    1. Camille says:

      Yes, she lies she’s a Democrat! I know that they should have enough on her to fire her too.

  17. Charles says:

    It continues to amaze me how someone so hugely stupid ever got elected in the 1st place. She is certainly one of the leaders of too many idiots in congress, and I always am dismayed about the uninformed, unconcerned and unaware voter.

  18. Dav says:

    Only thing to write is: SHE IS NUTS AND A CRIMINAL!

  19. Sue says:

    Waters can be impeached if she has done something illegal. The Senate is the jury. She can be recalled by election and CA has established procedures for it. She has lost her capacity for representing her district and the entire country. This Grandma from WI asks someone PLEASE start this ball rolling and get this danger to our democracy out of office ASAP.

  20. Janet says:

    Maxine baby…..shut up and sit down. Every time you open your mouth your one and only brain cell starts rolling around up there in that empty head of yours. Sounds like a marble in a garbage can.

    1. Phil says:

      Janet, you give Maxine too much credit. If you took Maxine’s brain out and balanced it on the edge of a razor blade, it’d look like a BB sitting in the middle of an 8 lane freeway.

      Phil in TX

  21. Bill says:

    the waters witch…………..what a brain dead useless congress person…………she really ought to resign so a real good person can serve the american public in her stead.

  22. Daniel says:

    She’s proven herself unfit to be a member of Congress.
    She is corrupt, divisive anddisrespectful of the POTUS.

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