Maxine Waters, the new face of the Democrat Party’s impeachment movement, got a taste of her own medicine outside a town hall meeting in Inglewood, California, where an artist posted an array of ‘impeach Maxine Waters’ displays that should have Trump supporters cheering.

Waters has been screeching about impeaching President Trump since before he even took office, and she hasn’t let up since.

She has been incoherently launching attack after attack against Trump hoping anything will stick that could lead to his impeachment – the Emoluments Clause, Russian conspiracy theories, fake ‘dossiers,’ etc.

All with this singular goal in mind:

Well, an artist named Sabo decided it’s time to give it back to her a little bit.

Via TheBlaze:

Some of the signs mocked Waters while others stated facts about the political positions she holds.

One sign read in big letters, “IMPEACH MAXINE WATERS,” while noting that she’s a “race baiter,” “old & out of touch” and a “poverty pimp.”

According to KCBS, the town hall was filled mostly with Waters supporters, which isn’t surprising given its a heavily Democratic district, while a few Trump supporters were escorted out of the event following a “disturbance.”

One bench sign addresses Waters’ goal of impeaching Trump and references the recent “scandal” that the President gets two scoops of ice cream while his guests get only one.

But take a look at what’s lurking in the background – Waters’ very own call to impeachment!

Even street signs were put up to send Waters a message that her unhinged policies are not welcome:

Waters’ efforts to constantly harp about impeaching President Trump have paid dividends within her own party, but have made her an embarrassment on the national stage.

Buzzfeed recently labeled Waters a “hero of the anti-Trump movement” and “new face of the Democratic Party.”

That’s right, the new face of the Democratic party is a 78-year-old Congresswoman who has perpetually been under ethics investigations the last several years and never accomplished a single thing.

Meanwhile, the artist’s anti-Maxine message was so effective that the phrase “Impeach Maxine Waters” was trending on Twitter.

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