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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Brian says:

    Let get things back to being somewhat truthful, (its rare to find any truth in these fascist rightwing rags).

    1) Repealing the Clean Power plan will NOT result in more jobs, it results in richer corporations and CEO’S that take 7 trips to Club Med instead of the six they take now. It will also result on a RISE in disease caused by over-polluting corporations. Asthma on the rise, Cancer on the rise, ADD and dementia on the rise and all thanks to chemicals dumped into our air, water and land by corporations just looking to make a fast buck. These corporations have learned they can and are making RECORSD PROFITS with a low-level work-force and they don’t NEED to expand, that would limit profit since the largest expense of ANY business is payroll. SO they will just keep a small workforce and pocket the extra money, NO benefits to American citizens and a LOT of harm…

    As for the Coal industry, you idiots need to understand that coal is DEAD, coal is NEVER going to come back, and coal is NEVER “clean”. Now Trump has decided that they should start dumping lead and arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals (toxins) into our children’s drinking water. If you think that getting a job by walking over the corpses of dead children is a good idea then move to Syria or Russia.

  2. poppDavid says:

    Wow! The total lack of scientific knowledge that is exhibited here is amazing.

    Any of you want to invest in a company to manufacture cars that use water as a fuel?

    How about building perpetual motion machines?

  3. Mimi says:

    There were at least 32 companies like Solyndra–1/2 BILLIOL loss–that he pilfered money from–all for a FAKE story! A fake story to make a few VERY WEALTHY and cripple OUR economy!
    Windmill cost 13 cents per kilowatt hour with 4 cents of that subsidized by our government–all the while coal cost 4 cents per K hour with NO government subsidy–SO GUESS WICH ONE *THEY* WANT US TO USE?!? The Earth has only ONE contributor to the climate AND THAT IS THE SUN–lots of SUN spots the warmer it is–the less the cooler–that’s very simplified explanation but easy enough that even a libtard can understand it!

  4. Mary says:

    Earth’s warming is due to the elliptical orbit around the sun. It is a naturally occurring event and part of the normal cycle of weather. Whether it is an ice age or tropical heating we will have depends on the position of the earth in perspective to the sun.

  5. Kenneth says:

    Mother Nature will decide when and where Global Warming will take place. Not some shonky persuado scientist in a back room with a commodore 64 computer to work out his agenda. Obama’s mob of dark scientist will be shown as a lie and a myth to the sane world.

  6. Van says:

    Instead of shouting “It’s a hoax!” which won’t change any
    minds, greenies should be politely asked “If you believe
    what you say, why do you reject the obviously-best solution:
    Nuclear power? It’s the safest-ever way to make electricity
    by a very wide margin (46 deaths in its entire six-decade
    worldwide history, all at Chernobyl, a nutty design that
    nobody will repeat). We’ve known how to destroy nuclear
    waste for fifty years and refuse to do it. It’s the
    lowest-cost electricity in California, Arizona, and eight of
    ten OECD and EU-27 countries — less than one sixth the cost
    of unsubsidized solar PV. It DOES NOT lead to weapons
    proliferation. There’s plenty of uranium if we use it
    right. Nothing else but solar can do the whole job. Solar,
    wind, waves, tides, hydro, … cannot destroy nuclear waste
    but the right kind of inherently-safe reactor can. Read
    http://vandyke.mynetgear.com/Five_Myths, wherein there are
    references for further study.

  7. Esau's says:

    When will the Death Star or at least SMOD finally get here?

    1. Fred says:

      it could be here already. It could be the moon.

  8. Marshall says:

    Before the ice age Greenland was covered in grass and was feeding woolly mammoths,we know this from finding there. The planet is not warming it is returning to it’s original temperature .Now if we can warm the planet more we can get a two fold reward. The first one is the icecaps will melt and flood all the coastal cites where all the lefties live. The second one is the warming temperature would allow us to reintroduce the Tyrannosaurus Rex with these new finding the scientist have made we could recreate them and start feeding the remaining lefties to them to get rid of them and reintroduce a new life at the same time we then can build a fenced in area along the southern boarder of the usa that will contain the beautify new creatures to give pause to people wanting to cross illegally ,and for entertainment of the creatures living in their natural habitat .You could also sells right to this on pay per view for the people that didn’t run fast enough through the pen .

  9. adlerman says:

    duane p- what a waste of protoplasm you are. Proof of climate change? Ask the polar bears who are now becoming swimmers because the ice is melting. Antartica has pieces of ice larger than some countries breaking off. How many times in your pathetic life have you seen that? Buy a brain -yours is either missing or defective.

    1. John says:

      The ice is not melting. It is actually increasing. You liberals spout out what someone else says without exploring the facts yourself. Quit being lazy and stand up on your own two feet. You will find that the earth has reoccurring weather patterns that span over thousands of years. We are living in one of those changes. What do you or your fellow libtards do to protect the environment? California has an abundance of people like you and the pollution is the worst in the US.

      1. John says:

        John: You are correct (I can’t say right because it might offend someone). When thinking about climate, I see no logical reason to think in units of time of less than 1,000 years. Shorter periods is only talking about the weather.

  10. pennysmum says:

    I’ve never read so much rubbish from what is obviously a closed and uninformed mind. Had the editor done the slightest amount of research, he would have found that the coal industry is winding down. Most jobs are now done mechanically and the coal industry itself admits that there are not many employment opportunities any more. Seams of coal are mostly mined now so we are talking about 10 thousand jobs at the very most and these will not last long.

    If you look at jobs in the alternative power industries then we are talking a few hundred thousand with more opportunities as the science progresses. And, you will be less likely to get brown outs because the power will be put directly onto the grid rather than through old worn out power stations.

    I read the comments of the men below with amusement because all of it is merely insults and no understanding. But then, judging by the standard of this article, it doesn’t surprise me in the least, the article shows no understanding and neither do any of the commentators. I think that I will go and talk to my sleeping tom cat, he seems to be a lot brighter!

    1. Wesley says:

      Millions will save money on Clean Coal Oil, which puts out less carbon that natural gas, and it’s cheaper than the alternative inflated cost for those in the North. Why are they inflating the cost of Natural Gas in one part of the country, and not the other? Regardless of what you have seen or been told, the emissions are almost identical. Now that the EPA is under control, we can stop the US from Geo Engineering, as a former pilot, I know the difference between Contrails and Chemtrails. I have taken samples of water and soil to have the tested. It came back positive for Alumina, Strontium, and Barium-Nano-particles (looks like a powder).

      A group of scientists in the Mount Shasta region it was even more than what I found here. Even if we stop it here, it will not stop the U.N., much of this gets into the upper atmosphere, which encircles the world. When I developed Leukemia, tests showed these metals in my blood, a Bone Marrow Biopsy showed it was it was present in the DNA (Chromosomes). M.D. Anderson scientists have confirmed the growth of cancer of all forms are up by 38% since 10 years ago. Al Gore with info from the IPCC said 30% of the US coast would be under water by 2001, didn’t happen.

      In fact the polar ice has almost doubled. Remember the Hockey Stick graph, when they were hacked, they discovered the data had been grossly tampered with lies, and false data, along with emails talking about data manipulation. I still have ties with USAF and been allowed on some of these planes. A walk around shows the chemical disbursement outlets, on board with all the seats removed, with many tanks if varying at the nano level mixed with an unknown type of fluid, but smells of Benzene.

      Try going to the industrial cities in China and tell me why the air is yellow and has a sulfur odor? Speaking of coal mines, one plant has re-opened and are back in business, and already have contracts to re-join the power grid to stop high usage of electricity, to combat the Brown Outs they had last summer. The mines are working again, mounds of coal which were stopped, have enough to re-fire the Clean Coal operation, by the end of the year, they will have 14,000 jobs back working. With more coming online by that time.

      But Obama left us with an additional $10 Trillion in Debt, the question is, can we pay off his debts to China and the US National Debt to raise GDP to finally go above 3%, it hasn’t been at that level in over eight years. The GDP must get to at least 4.5 to 5% to avoid a total collapse.

  11. duane.p says:

    I have no doubt that they have no proof of global warming. It is all B.S. and the scientist here in Australia will tell you that. Al Gore is coming out to Australia to speak about global warming but he won’t meet with a political news reporter who has uncovered the myth about global warming and wants Gore to prove him wrong. I wish he would go on the Bolt report on Sunday’s because he would eat him up and spit him out. Gore doesn’t like getting embarrassed.

  12. Angelo says:

    NO doubt Obama must be sued for pedaling the AGW CO2 anti-coal movements irresponsibly sans proof. $20,000,000 charge is reasonable.

    1. Mary says:

      $20,000,000 he!! More like $200,000,000!

    2. Daniel says:

      CANNOT sue a sitting president for what they did while president. Makes no difference if it is a Democrat or Republican, they have Presidential Immunity

    3. adlerman says:

      angelo and Mary- two retards from the right. Coal has been dead for many years. Time to move on. If digging coal out of a mine shaft is all you can do your time is up.

  13. Newsel says:

    Not to sure what it takes but it is becoming more obvious every day that we are being scammed. And how much is Gore worth today on the back of the USG’s generous contributions based on a pack of lies, including Mann’s lies and SCOTUS getting involved when they had zero reason for doing so except being fed a pack of lies?
    http://www.50to1.net – Topher interviews David Evans, former modeler for the Australian Greenhouse Office, now prominent skeptic. He explains the reasons for his change of mind and why he’s so become so vocal on the issue.

  14. George says:

    ARREST illegal alien usurper Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! Install CC camera connected to internet one way view looking in on Obama from Americans and the World to keep Obama from escaping. Pay 4 View at 10ยข of Obama in prison writing his $60-M memoirs with a pencil on toilet paper will raise so much money Americans will never again have to pay taxes. Add in Clintons and Soros, and the Pay4View will be so popular that the $20-Trillion Debt will be paid off in 5-years. Arrest them NOW! Let’s see them in prison on Pay4View online!

    1. nrahat says:

      Throw alderman in there also and arrest him/her/it!!!!!!

  15. James says:

    Obama was insulated and short-sighted.

    The brunt of his malfeasance and incompetence will be born by hard core democrat party loyalists in the federal legislature and state governments around the country. They will be lucky to survive the kush lives they have so far enjoyed.

    1. Angelo says:

      Shame on Congress (all 4 of them) for letting Obama to stay in office while trashing our country blatantly and in full view of the world. (Think Mussolini).

  16. Judicial Watch is phenomenal. Everyone should donate to them. They do exceptionally good work.

  17. Donald says:

    With ALL of the shenanigans our EX-LIAR-in-CHIEF has pulled to get HIS WAY, I would NOT put anything past him to do almost anything he even thought he could do to get HIS WAY.

    1. Jesse says:

      obummer is a liar cheat and a crook as well as a coon

      1. June says:

        I disagree with your description, go back to school or keep quiet we all know Obummer is a Socialist mulatto from Kenya.

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