The 7 Pieces of Obama’s Environmental Legacy That Trump Just Dismantled

President Trump spent the last week toppling the legacy of Barack Obama, signing executive orders and furthering legislation that repeals most of the former president’s disastrous environmental regulations.

At the top of the list was the Clean Power Plan (CPP), whose repeal will lead to job growth and start the nation on a better path to energy independence.

Kathleen Sgamma, vice president for government at the Western Energy Alliance, explained that Trump’s reversal “comprehensively clears out some of the regulatory overreach of the Obama Administration that was about greater federal control in the guise of environmental protection.”

Supporters expressed surprise – not that Trump had overturned the CPP, but by how swiftly and broadly he did so.

“We fully expected the Clean Power Plan to be overturned, but were surprised at the breadth of the Executive Order,” Sgamma said.

Via the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump signed executive orders and new legislation this week that repealed much of President Obama’s environmental legacy.

Trump eliminated the Clean Power Plan (CPP) as well as rules and regulations from several different federal agencies that had been implemented as part of Obama’s environmentalist agenda.

But there’s so much more.

The Daily Caller report goes on to list 7 initiatives that have been overturned by the President, including the CPP, removing strict coal mining regulations, approving the Keystone XL pipeline, and simplifying how public lands are managed.

It’s little wonder that President Trump is taking these actions, viewing environmental regulations as overly burdensome to businesses, stifling jobs and killing economic growth.

Obama often referred to his “global warming” initiatives through a far different lens, claiming they were necessary and the “best possible shot to save the one planet we’ve got.”

President Trump has been railing against Obama’s policies and platforms for years, even before he was an official candidate to replace him.

Then there was this decidedly terse message:

Now under Trump, it looks like this global warming nonsense will indeed stop, and businesses, job seekers, and wage earners will finally be free to thrive again.

Do you think Trump’s rollback of Obama’s environmental legacy are a good thing or a bad thing? Share your thoughts below.

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