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Alabama Democrats Chant that Joe Biden Should Run for the White House

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who want Joe Biden to run for president. Again.

You’ve got to be kidding me! I wonder how much money was paid to these actors to chant that former Vice President Biden should run for president in 2020.

The Hamlet of the Potomac is once again “considering” another run for the president, and once again the corporate Democrats and neocons are all gaga over it.

Let’s be honest, because Democrats won’t. Biden’s goose is already cooked after eight years alongside a man who tried to destroy America. If this the best the Democrats can do, they are in more trouble than they realize.

Biden was in Alabama the other day, stumping for the Democrat running against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. During his speech, someone in the crowd yelled, “We need you to go to the White House!”

That’s when the chants began: “White House!”

Biden played it straight, but we all know he’s considering another go at it.

Given his erratic behavior, I’m sure every woman in the White House dreads the thought of this man returning. Biden plays the race card better than Al Sharpton, while he also plays the ignorance card with more experience than Nancy Pelosi.

There are some politicians who are doomed from ever winning the presidency, and that’s because¬†of their checkered past, associations, or bloodlines. Al Gore’s father was a Dixiecrat and Hillary Clinton’s hero Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood. Biden is a little too racist for my taste and he gets away with it. He ran for the big seat before but the American people wouldn’t allow him to win.



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