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cleveland browns VFW sign flag

Americans are sick and tired of watching spoiled, pampered NFL players disrespect our country. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the obnoxious trend of kneeling during the National […]

gun control advocate owned

You can always feel safe arguing with liberals at a gun control rally – it’s not like they’re going to shoot you or anything. I’ve always maintained that gun control’s […]

David Bookstaver fired

There’s work, and then there’s government work. Government work is where nobody quits and you can’t get fired. There used to be a trade off for working in the public […]

Andy Puzder minimum wage

Within just a few years, the concept of a $15 minimum wage went from being unthinkable, to a reality for a handful of cities. Thanks to the union-backed Fight for […]

Ashleigh Shackelford racist

There are two kinds of racists in America today: racists, and anti-racists. The only real difference between the two is that the latter believes they are incapable of being racist. […]

donald trump accomplishments

This makes a very important point. Don’t forget the states that carried President Donald Trump over the finish line on Election Day have experienced massive job creation and economic growth. […]

problem american management joke

When it came to explaining American management, this guy nailed it. Take a look: Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Jordan Leandre pitch

A little laughter to send you off into the weekend. We’ve seen some bad efforts in the ceremonial first pitch department, but this one takes the cake. There was the […]

reasontv venezuela

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, and was once the wealthiest country in Latin America. But today, that’s no longer the case. The nation is in turmoil, […]

Neel Kolhatkar pc culture

It’s bizarre that in our nation’s institutions of higher learning that the world of “safe spaces,” identity politics, and fact-free narratives dominates. Neel Kolhatkar, a hilarious Australian stand up comedian […]

radical christian terrorists

You’ve probably never heard of the 2008 film “An American Carol,” which was directed by David Zucker and features a cast including Kelsey Grammar, Trade Adkins, Gary Coleman, Leslie Neilson, […]

Contrary to liberal rhetoric, the Republican Party has a tremendous record of fighting for civil rights, particularly those of African-Americans. From the end of slavery to the Civil Rights Movement […]