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The loss of a loved one hurts and can change the course of your life forever. Losing a parent in high school has to be one of the most tragic […]

Superbowl weekend is here! The men who made it this far are some of the most competitive on the planet. I used to be competitive, and now I fake it […]

mike ditka trump

Legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka was interviewing on radio row at the Super Bowl when the discussion turned to politics… Something “Iron Mike” has never shied away from or […]

trump flag military

A Navy SEAL convoy travelling down the highway in Kentucky caught the eye of quite a few motorists. The lead vehicle in the convoy was flying a flag you wouldn’t necessarily […]

Matthew McConaughey trump

Legendary actor Matthew McConaughey, known for his southern charm and acting skills that landed him roles in “Dazed and Confused,” “Amistad,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and the HBO crime series True […]

boston marathon bombing couple

This year’s Tax Day will also mark the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, when brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev detonated two homemade bombs, killing three and injuring hundreds. […]

reba mcentire new song

Less than two years ago, country music superstar Reba McEntire and her husband of 26 years announced their separation. Well, McEntire revealed what has inspired her during the most tragic […]

waitress tip

I will wager any amount of money that soon-to-be mother and waitress Sarah Clark did not think anything special was going to happen to her on this specific day. Clark […]

terminal cancer bucket list

Rebecca Schofield has terminal cancer and has decided to do something nobody would ever think of and she’s being applauded for her decision. Schofield created a bucket list as she […]

I have two daughters, age 13, who are trying to figure out what they want in life and what colleges they want to attend so believe me when I tell […]

golf jokes

Who doesn’t love a nice round of golf? Our current President and our former President are both big fans of the sport and play it often. It is one of […]

Is there Baseball in Heaven? This man really wanted to find out. He got the good news…followed  by some bad news. I love jokes like this! Sort of like those […]