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Fans of Duck Dynasty know too well that family patriarch Phil Robertson, a born-again Christian, is uncensored when it comes to speaking his mind. In fact, the entire show is politically […]

parkinsons invention

Emma Lawton is a graphic designer who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I was a computer graphics designer for over 13 years in the private sector, and I know that […]

jesus statue tornado

A devastating tornado ripped through the city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Four people have been killed, and 20 others injured. But in the midst of […]

racist bulletproof glass

If you’re a Philadelphia shopkeeper and someone shoots you, you can die knowing that at least you weren’t a bigot. Thanks to the city’s Public Health and Human Services Committee, […]


Sometimes, young children are incredibly wise. Sometimes, they’re not just wise – but almost preternaturally clever and brilliant. Like this son who caught his mom doing something she wasn’t supposed […]

As parents, we’re all concerned about the path our child will follow in life. Will they follow the temptations of wealth and power? Will they succumb to the pitfalls of […]

kiss national anthem

Legendary rock band Kiss gave a big ol’ middle finger to anti-American clowns like Colin Kaepernick, Brandon Marshall, or any other athletes that have been disrespectful during the national anthem. The […]

cop sings to blind woman

Logan Police Officer Kristian Johnson did one of those things the media never mentions about cops: he helped a blind woman by fixing her microwave oven. That’s a good enough […]

time capsule islam

A woman in Sydney, Australia, was in the process of renovating her home when she found a time capsule containing letter by a man named Greg Wilkinson in 1995. The […]

Could you even imagine serial liar, criminal, and two-time Presidential loser Hillary Clinton serving on the Supreme Court? Perish the thought. Rumors have been swirling for some time about the […]

Jordan Leandre pitch

A little laughter to send you off into the weekend. We’ve seen some bad efforts in the ceremonial first pitch department, but this one takes the cake. There was the […]

boston police child

With so many anti-police stories in the news, how about a heartwarming one instead? After fulfilling a terminally ill toddler’s dream of meeting police last month, the local PD returned […]