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redneck mirror

No one likes to get fooled by a snake-oil salesman. But this redneck hit a goldmine when a peddler sold him a mirror. Unfortunately, his wife wasn’t as excited when […]

Pope Benedict capsizing

There has been a lot of controversy roiling the Catholic Church lately. Pope Francis’s alleged liberal leanings were recently questioned by a group of four cardinals in what is known […]

Turin Shroud torture evidence

The Turin Shroud is a centuries-old piece of cloth that is believed to have been used to bury Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Many scholars dispute its authenticity, saying that […]

ivanka trump joan walsh

The delightful thing about feminists is that they tend to be mind-numbingly self-contradictory – and don’t even realize it. MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh proved so Sunday when she called […]

greatest miracles
McDonald's mind control

I have to say I never saw this one coming and you probably didn’t either. McDonald’s is attempting to appeal to a certain brand of customer through the music it plays […]

Reporter July 4th

July 4th has passed us – and one reporter got the surprise of a lifetime on the air. She covered a unique July 4th celebration, in which participants at California’s […]

Justin Korva

There’s no better charity than to help those who are willing to help themselves, and that was exactly the case in Rockwall, Texas. During one day driving in Rockwall, Andy […]

Welfare Queen

In Obama’s America, personal responsibility didn’t matter. If you don’t believe that, just listen to this welfare queen mother’s incredible arrogance with her demands for others to pay for her […]

Best Marine

While President Barack Obama took a back seat to nations like Jordan and Egypt in the battle against ISIS, the terrorist organization grew in size and influence. But nothing could […]

cop sings to blind woman

Logan Police Officer Kristian Johnson did one of those things the media never mentions about cops: he helped a blind woman by fixing her microwave oven. That’s a good enough […]

Billie and Peggy Harris

Married just six weeks before her husband, Army Air Corps pilot Billie Harris, shipped off for World War II, it took Peggy Harris 68 years to learn his fate – […]