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donna brazile hillary clinton health

Donna Brazile, former head of the Democratic National Committee, writes in her new book that she was so concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 presidential campaign that she […]

ben carson mother dies

In a Facebook post on Monday, Dr. Ben Carson shared the sad news that his mother, Sonya Carson, has passed away. Today, November 6, 2017 we lost my dear mother, […]

comey hillary clinton draft

A bombshell report from The Hill has revealed that an early draft of former FBI Director James Comey’s final statement on the Hillary Clinton email case accused Clinton of being […]

Sean Hannity tick tock

Fox News host Sean Hannity sent a cryptic tweet on Monday, urging his followers to “Stay tuned.” Tick Tock. Stay tuned. — Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 6, 2017 This is […]

texas church shooter

The man who opened fire on a Texas church Sunday was an outspoken atheist who thought Christians were stupid, according to his former classmates. Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, killed 26 […]

chris christie wife ticketed

A statewide crackdown on distracted driving ordered by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is working so well that even Christie’s wife, Mary Pat Christie, was ticketed earlier this year. NJ […]

david corn sexual misconduct

Add another one to the list. David Corn, Washington bureau chief of the uber-liberal publication Mother Jones, is being investigated for sexual misconduct for the second time in three years. […]

vern buchanan lois lerner

Last week, the Department of Justice finally admitted that the IRS unfairly targeted Tea Party groups under Barack Obama. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the IRS had agreed to […]

fox news employees upset russia coverage

According to a report from CNN, several Fox News employees are upset with their network’s coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, claiming that the conservative network didn’t cover […]

donald trump halloween

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were in good spirits Monday night as they handed out candy to thousands of trick-or-treaters at the annual White House Halloween celebration. It […]

the view censors jesus

If you thought “The View” couldn’t possibly get any more P.C., boy, do we have news for you. On a recent episode, the hosts discussed whether some of the 10 […]

rosie odonnell kevin spacey

On Monday, actor Kevin Spacey issued a shocking statement on Twitter apologizing for allegedly making sexual advances toward a 14-year-old male actor at a party in 1986. He also came […]