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anthony scaramucci paternity test

The divorce between former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and his estranged wife Deirdre Ball has taken an unexpectedly nasty turn. Reportedly, “The Mooch” wants a paternity test for […]

sarah huckabee sanders what happened

Hillary Clinton’s new book, cluelessly titled “What Happened,” hit bookshelves this week, but President Donald Trump probably won’t be reading it. Why not? Well, as White House Press Secretary Sarah […]

national guardsman mike pence threatened

A National Guardsman was arrested Saturday for threatening to kill Vice President Mike Pence before his visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania. Witnesses reportedly overheard William Robert […]

dairy queen sign god trust

Last week, Facebook user Ashley Coleman posted a photo to the official Dairy Queen Facebook page, imploring them to speak with the franchise owner of a Wisconsin Dairy Queen because […]

michael moore donald trump jr. tweet

On Friday, when Florida was still bracing itself for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, documentary filmmaker and noted liberal loudmouth Michael Moore had the bright idea to get a head […]

The long-awaited CBS “60 Minutes” interview with former White House chief strategistĀ Steve Bannon aired Sunday night – and Bannon didn’t look too hot. Just look at this still from the […]

bryan norcross hurricane irma

While the rest of the country is looking on in shock and awe at the sheer size and strength of Hurricane Irma, many Floridians – who have ridden out dozens […]

hurricane irma photos perspective

Hurricane Irma has already devastated the Caribbean, leaving at least 10 dead in its wake, and is currently barreling toward Florida. As a Category 5 that sustained 185-mph winds for […]

Republicans and Democrats in the House on Wednesday approved $7.85 billion in emergency aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey by an overwhelming margin of 419-3. House votes 419-3 to send […]

ray lewis colin kaepernick nessa diab racist tweet

While many think exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick made his own bed, liberals continue to blame his ongoing unemployment on systematic racism within the NFL. However, Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis […]

Daniel Kammen resign

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that he will end Obama’sĀ Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Today, he formalized that decision. Unsurprisingly, Democrats are vehemently opposed to the move, […]

sadie robertson eating disorder

Sadie Robertson is one of the most beloved members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast, and like the rest of her family, she always speaks her mind and never hides anything […]