Pelosi Admits Dem-Controlled House Would Seek To Impeach Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has all but admitted that a Democrat-controlled House would get nothing done because they’d be too busy trying to impeach President Donald Trump.

In an interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour on Monday, Pelosi said she’s already begun readying top Democrats to take a “direct shot” at Trump:

“We have established our ‘for the people’ … lower healthcare costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government,” Pelosi said. “… With no presumption, no measuring for drapes – you don’t see too many drapes around here anyway – but just to be ready. We have a responsibility to be ready, so I tasked the soon-to-be chairmen – our top Democrats on these committees – to work with their committees to establish priorities for us to consider as our consensus priorities to go forward.


“But it has to be prioritized and not scattershot, but a direct shot to get the job done. It’s all about seeking the truth. Where that takes us with the president and his performance remains to be seen.”

Somewhere Maxine Waters is waking up in a cold sweat screeching, “IMPEACH!”

Pelosi alarmingly added that Democrats wish to seek “The truth about intervention in our elections, which undermines the sacred right of people to vote, oversight over the air our children breathe, and this or that. The list goes on.”

Hasn’t Robert Mueller already been fruitlessly seeking the truth about “intervention in our elections” for well over a year now? Watch Pelosi’s interview below.

Again: this is just more proof that if Democrats retake the House, they will accomplish nothing for investigative gridlock. Indeed, The Huffington Post, that bastion of liberal journalism, published an article last month outlining no less than 52 investigations that Democrats would launch against Trump if they win the midterms, including – ironically – an investigation into reports that senior White House officials were using private email accounts for government business. You can bet that any Republican investigated in such a probe would be found guilty of far more than simply being “extremely careless.”

However, if Democrats want to build their campaign platform on chasing down Trump with pitchforks and torches, they can go right ahead. As of this writing, Democrats are predicted to retake the House by a probability of nearly 82 percent. But if they make their agenda all about ousting Trump and nothing about addressing the specific policies that concern their constituents, they could very well find themselves facing losses they never expected. Again.

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