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‘Your Question Is Insane’: Pompeo Heads Home To Kansas, Gets Grilled By Hometown Paper

Audrey Conklin on October 24, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called a reporter’s question “insane” in a joint interview with The Wichita Eagle and Kansas City Star while visiting his home state.

Pompeo and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump were visiting the WSU Tech National Center for Aviation Training and Textron Aviation in Wichita, Kansas, Thursday when the secretary of state sat down for an interview.

The Wichita reporter asked Pompeo if “U.S. credibility” had been “undercut” in light of the president’s decision to pull the remaining 1,000 troops from northern Syria and his “treatment of the Kurds.”

“The whole predicate of your question is insane,” Pompeo said. “The word of the United States is much more respected today than it was just two and a half years ago.”

“The previous administration in Syria, where you asked the question earlier, the previous administration said, ‘Boy, if you use chemical weapons that’s going to be bad,’ and … [former] President [Barack] Obama drew a red line. He then duly ignored it,” the secretary of state continued.

“[President Donald Trump] said, ‘If you use chemical weapons, I’m going to take action,’” Pompeo said, adding that the administration is “clear” about what it is prepared or unprepared to take action on.

One such “clear” expectation is the role other countries should have in keeping peace in the Middle East, the secretary of state said.

“This president’s been very clear that we have high expectations for how other countries, not just our European partners, but countries in Africa, countries in the Middle East, countries throughout Asia, who depend on the Strait of Hormuz to be up … they need to do that for themselves, as well. And when they do, America will continue to be an enormous partner,” Pompeo said.

The reporter’s question came after Donald Trump announced during a Wednesday press briefing that he is lifting sanctions against Turkey after a five-day ceasefire agreement, which gave Kurdish fighters an opportunity to retreat from the Turkey-Syria border unscathed, concluded.

The president added the U.S. is “willing to take blame” and “also willing to take credit” for the ceasefire in Syria.

Many Republicans, such as South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, condemned the president’s Oct. 6 decision to pull troops from Syria over concerns that it would put U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters who helped defeat the Islamic State at risk of Turkish aggression.

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  • You are right, think we should send people like Beto over with an AR 15 assault rifle and see how long they last.

  • CRUDS DON'T CARE ABOUT KURDS.. None of the middle east is worth a single one of out great troops blood....They have been at war with one another for more than two thousand years.... demRATs LOVE war and trade our troops blood for money in their pockets.... Those Ps'OS should be the ones on the FRONT LINES and if things don't change they will be right her in the USA the likes of which has never been recorded in history.......PERIOD.....

  • You left out!! in wars that they have no intention on fighting in. No liberal will enlist or fight for any branch of service in any war.They believe that they are the ruling class and therefore should be exempt from Military Service.We should follow Israel's policies regarding military service.At eighteen your in the army,no hiding under the bed no screaming mommy no mommy no,your in like it or not.If you say no to jail you go,no if's and's or but's. Did I say it all??

  • Eliminating the Islamic State Caliphate was humanity's cause even if much of humanity did not show up to fight. Great job by our magnificent troops and military for doing the job at less cost, fewer troops and less less time than the ones who did not show up for the fight aligned with Obama and the DNC said it would take. They showed up only to protest we were abandoning the Kurds, like they care about the Kurds? Insanity is often void of conscience.

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