‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Torches Cancel Culture – ‘Work Of The Devil’

Taylor Sheridan
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The “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is speaking out against cancel culture, calling it the “work of the devil” while also saying that we “need masculinity and femininity.”

Sheridan Sounds Off

While being interviewed by the popular podcast host Joe Rogan, Sheridan, 53, gave his opinions on the downfall of American values. The two men watched a video of a 1965 monologue called “If I were the Devil: A Warning to America from Paul Harvey,” which they both found to be inspiring. Daily Mail reported that the monologue lashed out at those who are “destroying” American culture by cautioning against “extremes and hard work.”

“You can use the Devil as a euphemism for anything that you want, but the result is the same. We’re seeing it today,” Sheridan said, adding that nowadays “‘work ethic” is bad and “all these things are racist.”

Rogan responded by lamenting that masculinity is being accused of being “toxic.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been accused of that,” Sheridan said, with Rogan responding with a laugh and adding, “Congratulations. You’re on the right side. “‘Defund the police,’ ‘toxic masculinity,’ they’re all sort of in the same category of things. Seems silly to think that way.”

“You need all of it. You need masculinity and femininity,” Rogan said. “Be whatever you are but you f***ing need it. And if you wanna tell those dudes that are playing football that they’re toxic masculine… Who else are you gonna get? Who is gonna play football other than super aggressive alpha males.”

“That’s not toxic,” Sheridan agreed, with Rogan adding, “That’s natural masculine behavior. It’s not toxic. It’s all stupid.”

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Sheridan On Liberalism

During this same interview, Sheridan referenced a book that revealed “the fundamental difference between liberalism and conservatism” and the reason these ideologies are “destined” to polarize further and further apart to extremes, according to Fox News.

“Essentially, it’s stated that the liberal point of view was that crime and all these social ills is a social construct and that if you could find a way to level the playing field for everybody, crime would be eliminated, all these issues would go away, poverty would go away, all of the social ills that we have would disappear if everyone had the same opportunities and the same stuff,” he said.

“The flipside of that is the conservative view which is, ‘There’s evil in the world, there’s good in the world, we’re gonna try and manage the evil as best we can and create an opportunity for people to succeed, or they can f— up and best of luck,'” he continued. “One side seems naive, one side seems extremely harsh, but those are the beliefs and that side can never compromise with this side and vise-versa because you’re abandoning your own ideology.”

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Rogan And Sheridan Slam California

Elsewhere in the interview, Rogan and Sheridan blasted the liberal-run state of California.

“You [the people running California] suck, you know you suck and when people are leaving you’re like, ‘Well, we still want money.’ No, we’re leaving because you suck. That’s what states are about,” said Rogan, who famously left California for Texas. “You get to move to a new state and this state has different laws. I like this one better. Bye. We don’t have an agreement. I’m not paying alimony. I wasn’t married to you, b*tch. I got to go.”

“I get the random California letter. ‘Are you sure you don’t owe us any money?’ I haven’t lived there in 10 f*cking years I haven’t been there in five,” Sheridan replied in agreement.

What do you think about what Rogan and Sheridan had to say? Let us know in the comments section.

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