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50 Years Ago, Radio Legend Paul Harvey Predicted the Future… Here Is His Frightening Warning (AUDIO)

Paul Harvey was a radio legend — you’ve probably some of his daily broadcasts. Known for his folksy humor and conservative politics, he gave his most chilling discussion back in 1965 called “If I were the Devil.” Everything he predicted is coming true!

What Harvey is predicting in this famous speech is modern American liberalism:

I would have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I would not be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree, thee, so I should set about however necessary to take over the United States.

I’d subvert the churches first. I would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: ‘Do as you please.’

“To the young, I would whisper, ‘The Bible is a myth.’ I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is ‘square.’

“And the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to say after me: ‘Our Father, which art in Washington.’”

Our Father, which art in Washington? Sounds like a change to the prayer that President Barack Obama would support, doesn’t it?

Listen to the rest of the story below: