The left refuses to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is America’s 45th president. He has been in office for just one week and liberals are in panic mode, acting out in violent and explosive ways.

Trump-voter Scott Koteskey flew to Washington, D.C. to watch President Donald Trump’s historic inauguration. When returning home to Seattle, he started to smile and speak to the couple next to him.

That’s when things went horribly wrong!

A video is going viral after this angry woman (below) tells the flight attendant that she wants the Trump supporter to change seats. She told Scott, “You pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button.” What happened next is Scott’s “craziest experience ever on an airplane.”

The woman tells the flight attendant she would like him to change seats.

‘Well, you don’t have that right,’ the flight attendant replies, adding that she will get someone else.

Meanwhile the woman talks to the man, telling him, ‘You put that man’s finger on the nuclear button’ and adding: ‘That man doesn’t believe in climate change. Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity’s just a theory?’

Another member of staff arrives and tells the woman she is going to have to leave the plane.

‘I’m going home now. My mother-in-law – his mother died,’ the woman says, pointing to her husband.

But the employee insists that she and her husband have to get off the aircraft.

Another video shared Saturday by Koteskey shows the woman being taken off the plane, followed by a police officer.

Other passengers can be heard clapping and cheering, with one of them chanting: ‘USA!’

Via Daily Mail

Scott noted the woman kept ranting and yelling at him in an abusive way. She reportedly yelled at other people wearing pro-Trump shirts and hats too. Watch it here. It’s going viral!

Here is how Scott explained it on his Facebook page. Incredible!

It’s sad that her mother-in-law apparently died. But nothing gives her the right to act this way on a plane. Flight attendants have a difficult job and have to be worried about the safety of all passengers. This type of erratic behavior is unacceptable, and she deserved to be tossed off the plane.

What do you think about this Trump-hater being thrown off the plane? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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