Among the latest crazy ideas from the social justice Left is that of “environmental racism.” You see, because natural disasters disproportionately affect developing countries (which SJW’s just see as “non white”), the environment is just yet another racist actor out there.

It’s a concept worth mocking for no shortage of reasons. For one, the reason poor countries suffer more from natural disasters is because they lack the infrastructure to protect themselves and rebuild from them like developed nations do. And biggest of all, there is no racism without intent, and last time I checked, the environment isn’t a sentient being.

If you thought the concept of environmental racism was insane just based off my description, wait until you see what some of its proponents actually believe. Meet Breanna Danielle, who informed her Facebook audience that President Donald Trump engineered Hurricane Irma to target Hispanics.

No, seriously.

What’s worse, over 67,000 people shared her post.

You have to admit, it’s pretty bold of her to stand up to a man she believes is so powerful he can control the weather.

Judging by the reaction however, it appears that there’s a silver lining in that most shared the post simply to mock it.

The Left is truly deranged. Harvey wasn’t caused by so-called global warming. And of course, regular Americans are banding together to overcome the tragedy.

And this sort of insanity isn’t relegated to the far corners of Facebook. We hear about stuff like this coming out of professors and colleges on a daily basis.

Guess who will control the future?

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