With Jobs Coming Back, Do We Need Another Round Of Stimulus Checks?

So the first stimulus package was around two trillion, and there are only about 330 million Americans, and we all got one million that still doesn’t add up to the two trillion they passed!

So what happened to all the rest of that money? I’m sure it went to the special interest groups, but these stimulus packages have nothing to do with the “people.”


As a true conservative that hates government handouts, I didn’t approve of Trump’s populism and didn’t support his current efforts to make the handout checks even bigger. What are we doing here, making a Democrats’ dream come true?

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As someone consistent on fiscal responsibility, I would see any new stimulus bill irresponsible given our current deficit and overall debt. However, if it was at least targeted rationally with some semblance of forethought, and you could show a positive result, then okay, so be it. I haven’t seen that yet.

I am not dumb either. I know President Trump is trying his best to fix the problem, but my opinion says throwing money at it like this is not the way. They’ve already passed up to four trillion. Let me say that again. They’ve passed upward of four trillion if not more. That should be enough.


I want to see the actual hard data that has been fact-checked for the assertion (yes, that’s the proper word for it right now) that COVID-19 “new cases” are on the rise and upwards of 45K new cases a day.

How is the tracing screening going on, especially, as I hear that all new cases are not being asked if they attended or were involved in the recent riots (‘er protests)?

How many of these new COVID cases are common influenza cases? Why is it that historical comparisons in influenza cases show a disparity in the reduced number than is statistically expected? What’s causing that disparity? Is it merely a coincidence? Perhaps by design? Just asking. Inquiring minds, scientifically trained minds want to know the true nature of what’s happening.

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How about no refunds or money redistribution, how about tax reduction. Like they want to defend the police, I want to defund the politicians. I am of their abuse of tax money, billions misused, and disappears without nobody ever questioning it.

Here’s my take on it. Remove the central bank’s death grip of self-appointed masters and their debt-money by declaring bankruptcy.

Then start a new currency; this one will be direct voted in elections every four years on who controls the money. Also, the system cannot be issued in debt, the government is the one to manage the money, and it is issued by the government, not issued with debt attached to the government. There shall be no banks like we understand them either. The banks of each state will have eight years voted direct and receive their money from the government.

The people shall control the banks for the people. Taxes in this system will be done by a fund me system as we understand it. Want the road fixed fund me, taxes will not be mandatory; there shall be no property tax either. You own your property and can pass it to your children or wife or husband without a fee.

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I don’t have the answers, and I am not an expert. I am just making a suggestion, but these lawmakers are supposed to be the end all be all, find a way and fix things are remove yourself from the table.


Hey look, you want to stop pandering to all this irrational nonsense and get out of the way, please? There is no legislation you should be passing at the federal level mandating coronavirus guidelines, and I doubt any law you managed to pass would hold up anyway. Yeah, we get it, it’s an election year.

You have to pretend like you’re doing something. Do us all a favor and don’t.




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