Will We Ever Know Who Was On the Epstein Client List?

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I love a good conspiracy theory and gobbling up mysteries as much as the next person. What happened to Malaysian flight 370? Or UFOs and Area 51? I want to know all about it. There is just something delicious about the unknown and unsolved.

Perhaps the grossest and saddest of all mysteries is who was on Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous client list. The Department of Justice seems to have no problem allowing unnamed officials to leak various information related to other investigations, particularly those related to former President Donald Trump.

However, the Epstein client list is sealed tighter than the truth behind who killed JFK. I think it’s fair to say that we will probably never know who took advantage of Epstein’s dirty deeds. Still, it brings up an interesting question – why is it that mainstream media and DC don’t seem to care?

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Powerful Customers

I read a theory the other day that the reason the media is silent about child sex trafficking, particularly high-profile cases like the one surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and his chief recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell is because of who the customers are. It’s an interesting theory and one worth diving into.

While we can’t be positive about who is in Epstein’s little black book, we do know that he was dialed into many elite members of politics, fashion, and industry. From Bill Gates and Prince Andrew to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, it’s hard to get much bigger than that.

Even Elon Musk had a run-in with an often shared photo of him at an event and Ghislaine Maxwell in the same picture. In fact, the image was weaponized against him when he tweeted “Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

He later posted a meme listing off things he’ll never see in his life, including dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, and the Epstein client list. It’s more likely we will all see a UFO before we ever find out who was on this list by the way things appear.

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Terminally Ill

There is a hard reality that I think it’s time every day Americans wake up to; your country doesn’t care about your kids. Unfortunately, some of the most powerful cliques in this country are built to insulate themselves from accountability regarding sexual misconduct of children and general misconduct.

Hollywood, for one, is well known for its acceptance of such activities. Sure there was a moment when everyone wore black at an awards ceremony and pins on their designer outfits to show solidarity for victims of sexual abuse in showbiz.

Sadly, that’s as far as it went. Think about how long Harvey Weinstein was allowed to continue assaulting women. If you believe that more big names in the City of Angels didn’t know and turn a blind eye, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you for a great deal.

The modeling business is the twisted twin of these enterprises. Les Wexner has been implicated as possibly being entangled with Epstein. 

Mr. Wexner was the owner of Victoria’s Secret and part of the conglomerate that owned The Limited, Express, and Lane Bryant. The truth is our country is suffering from an illness, and our political leaders continue to feed that beast.

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Free Flow of Fodder

Human trafficking and particularly child trafficking is a severe problem in this country. I can recall when I was in the military, having to take extensive training on human trafficking whenever I was sent overseas.

It can be easy to think that enterprises like the trading and selling of human beings are only prevalent in eastern Asia and Europe, but it’s simply not the case. One only has to look to our open southern border to find where the steady stream of victims in our country comes from predominantly.

A recent whistleblower claim has prompted some GOP Senators to call for an investigation of the Department of Health and Human Services’ role in child trafficking. In a letter, the Senators wrote:

“We write in response to recently reported claims by federal employee whistleblower that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is knowingly transferring unaccompanied migrant children in the custody of criminals, including sex traffickers.”

Let’s say that the whistleblower’s claim is false. However, the facts remain that sexual violence at our border is happening at an alarming rate.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst explained “The Border Patrol, they told us that about 30% of the women and girls that are being trafficked by the cartels up to the border are being sexually abused along the way.”

However, when President Joe Biden was asked why he wasn’t visiting the border on a recent trip to Arizona, he said its because he had “more important” stuff to attend to.

It just isn’t important enough for the President to visit his border that is allowing and enabling the trafficking of thousands of innocent women and children. No doubt plenty will be preyed upon by the elite in this country.

An Update

So, where are we at with the Epstein/Maxwell saga? There might be some hope that we get some disclosure thanks to a federal judge recently ordering some documents related to Epstein to be unsealed, which will theoretically shed light on a few new names.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Two banks have been accused of profiting from the Epstein sex enterprise: JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank.

The allegations claim that since JPMorgan Chase kept Epstein as a client after he registered as a sex offender in 2008, they profited from his ongoing activities. For Deutsche Bank, the allegation is that they “knowingly participated” in his enterprises by allowing Epstein and Maxwell to pay victims for their services.

Meanwhile, Ms. Maxwell is living pretty well, serving her 20 years in the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution. She can participate in yoga and pilates in this facility and even receive collagen facials.

I can’t even get Botox injections for my TMJ approved through TriCare. Still, the Madame of Epstein can get a collagen facial. What a world we live in.

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