Whoopi Slams Debra Messing for Wanting to Target Trump Donors – ‘Don’t Encourage Lists’

“The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg slammed actress Debra Messing on Tuesday after the “Will & Grace” star called for a public list of attendees for an upcoming Beverly Hills fundraiser for President Donald Trump.

Goldberg thought Messing’s suggestion sounded like the old Hollywood McCarthy-era blacklists.

“The last time people did this, people ended up killing themselves. This is not a good idea, OK?” Goldberg said.

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‘The Next List That Comes Out, Your Name Will Be On’

“Your idea of who you don’t want to work with is your personal business. Do not encourage people to print out lists because the next list that comes out, your name will be on, and then people will be coming after you!” she continued.

Goldberg is not wrong. The “Red Scare” of the early and mid-20th century destroyed many lives based on nothing but mere accusations of communist activity. Many actors and others in Hollywood were blacklisted.

“We had something called a blacklist, and a lot of really good people were accused of stuff,” Goldberg said. “Nobody cared whether it was true or not. They were accused. And they lost their right to work.”

Even noted liberal actress Susan Sarandon seemed to agree with Whoopi!

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‘In This Country, People Can Vote for Who They Want To’

Goldberg added, “In this country, people can vote for who they want to. That is one of the great rights of this country. You don’t have to like it, but we don’t go after people because we don’t like who they voted for. We don’t go after them that way. We can talk about issues and stuff, but we don’t print out lists. I’m sure you guys misspoke when you said that because it sounded like a good idea. Think about it. Read about it.”

“Remember what the blacklist actually meant to people and don’t encourage anyone, anyone, to do it,” Goldberg finished.


The Left has Become Illiberal

We have two major parties in this country, of which the vast majority of Americans vote for one of them each election.

That’s millions of people who disagree with millions of others about who might make the best president. Sometimes your man or woman wins, and sometimes they lose. That’s how it goes. It’s a healthy system.

The notion that someone who voted for Hilary Clinton should not associate with Hollywood actors, producers or anyone else who supports the duly-elected Donald Trump is not only silly: It’s illiberal.

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It’s saying that there is no other perspective worthy of consideration but your own, and worse, that the millions of Americans who voted for Trump shouldn’t be respected or even considered either.

That’s about as closed-minded as it gets.

Question: How many people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 might have been big Will & Grace fans at one time? Given the popularity of the show, probably quite a lot of them.

Does Debra Messing want them as fans? Are they beneath her?

I don’t know the answers. I do know that she’s closed-minded to enough to potentially believe this.

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