Whoopi Goldberg Comes Unglued – Screams At Alyssa Farah Griffin On ‘The View’

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Whoopi Goldberg came unglued on “The View” once again on Thursday morning, when she resorted to yelling at her conservative co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin while they discussed the Republican presidential debate that took place on Wednesday night.

Goldberg Unravels On ‘The View’

Daily Mail reported that Goldberg became visibly frustrated as her co-hosts spoke over one another during the segment, and things came to a head after Griffin attempted to defend the former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, saying that she had done well at laying out specific policies during the debate.

“Here’s my problem with Nikki Haley… when people say, ‘Well what have you done?’ I wanted to know what she had done, really. What policies at the U.N. because that’s her,” Goldberg said before Griffin interrupted her to say, “She’s a successful two-term governor.”

“Wait a minute!” Goldberg yelled. “She was an okay governor, she wasn’t a great governor, and you may think she’s the cat’s meow, I do not!”

“‘So when I listen to her, I want to hear somebody say, ‘And here’s what we’re going to do…'” Goldberg continued. Griffin hit back other by asking, “Did you guys all watch it? I thought she did that!”

“Listen, I listen to Republicans, listen, I’ve been sitting listening to you and I’ve been quiet for everybody so I’m just saying…” Goldberg said, with Griffin interrupting again to say, “Yeah, you do listen to everyone, you do.”

“‘I try and I didn’t hear the thing I needed to hear as an American, which is, what are you going to do about this and this?” Goldberg stated. “I don’t want to know about the wars, the culture wars, I don’t wanna hear anybody else talking about culture wars.”

“She didn’t bring it up…” Griffin attempted to say under her breath, with Goldberg immediately firing back by saying, “The whole panel talked about culture wars, and that’s the problem for me.”

Check out their heated exchange in the video below.

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Heated Exchange Continues

The show eventually cut to commercial, only for the discussion about the debate to continue afterwards, with the liberal co-host Sunny Hostin saying that “fracking is a huge climate change problem.” Griffin tried to interrupt her, but Hostin pushed on anyway.

“If I could finish… the other thing about Nikki Haley is when she was governor, I agree with you Whoopi, I don’t think she did such a great governorship job, especially because she’s a flip-flopper,” she said. “That’s why I call her a hypocrite.”

“We have to have a battle of ideas and I think that there is something better for this country than Donald Trump versus Joe Biden again,” Griffin, who worked in the Trump administration, chimed back in to say. “Nikki Haley is the closest for me.”

Griffin continued to try to make her point, but the show’s theme music started playing her off. This led to her throwing up her hands and looking at a producer off-camera, lamenting that she “had a lot more to say.”

This didn’t sit well with Goldberg, who immediately shut Griffin down by saying, “Unfortunately, it’s only an hour show so we can’t do that.”

Check out this exchange in the video below.

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Goldberg Asks Griffin Rude Question

Earlier this month, Goldberg was slammed by fans after she rudely asked Griffin if she was pregnant. After rambling about the current state of America, Goldberg bizarrely paused and asked Griffin, “Are you pregnant.”

“No,” Griffin yelled in response. “Oh my God.”

“You can’t say that with my mother-in-law here,” she added. “Who has been dying for me to get pregnant.”

“I just got a vibe,” Goldberg stammered.


Fans were quick to chastise Goldberg for this, according to The New York Post.

“That’s super rude to ask another woman on live tv. Why not ask while they are preparing for the show beforehand,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This is so wrong. Whoopi is a mess. Even if she were pregnant, she would have forced her to announce with that question. She could ask during break or before the start of the show. Such a disgusting behavior.”

While Griffin has distanced herself from Trump, the fact that she ever worked for him is something that a shameless leftist like Goldberg will never be able to forgive. We can only hope that Griffin can find the courage to start defending herself more, because she shouldn’t let Goldberg disrespect her on live TV so frequently.

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