First Lady Melania Trump has finally unveiled the White House’s Christmas decorations for 2018. And like last year’s gorgeous display, this year’s holiday styling is absolute class.

The White House Christmas decorations for 2018

Take a look at the video the White House just put out:

In a word: heavenly! But then again, Melania is somewhat used to being called a heavenly being. (RELATED: Young Boy Tells Melania Trump She Looks ‘Like An Angel’ At White House Christmas Decorations Reveal.)

Liberals think Christmas is a Russian conspiracy

Of course, liberals, in their long-lasting hatred of Christmas and happiness, instantly spotted a problem with Melania’s fastidiously curated decorations: Russian collusion.

No seriously. Some liberals on Twitter, who are probably haunted by nightmares of Vladimir Putin winning their local dog-catcher election, actually spotted a Russian conspiracy in the form of an innocuous Christmas ornament. Here is the offending piece:

Do you see it? It’s an obvious homage to Russia’s election meddling! Can’t you make the clear and obvious connection?

These super geniuses were able to see through glitter and fake snow and spot the real conspiracy.

The reference they’re all making is to the time Putin gifted Trump with a soccer ball during a press conference, revealing that he – not President Trump – is pulling the puppet strings of America.

It’s entirely possible that these commenters are just cracking a joke. But given the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome we’ve seen lately, it’s hard to tell if any actual liberal grievance is real.

Of course, the soccer ball ornament could just be a personal touch by Melania for her soccer-loving son, Barron.

An update on Mueller’s Russia probe

Speaking of the Russia probe, which constantly seems to be on liberals’ minds, it’s rumored that Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government, will be wrapping up very soon. (RELATED: Mueller Probe to Complete Results on Russian Collusion After Midterms.) President Trump recently submitted written answers to Mueller’s team in the hopes that the final report will soon be completed.

This morning, Trump sounded off about the Mueller probe, displaying frustration of the double standards the Mueller team is likely applying in their investigation.

It defies reason to think that after nearly three years of investigation, there has been no evidence presented that Trump actually colluded with Russia. To think something could emerge now is nonsensical.

Recently, Rep. Trey Gowdy, the House Oversight Committee Chairman, predicted that Mueller would find no collusion. (RELATED: Trey Gowdy Predicts Mueller Will Find No Collusion.)

Well, Mueller won’t find Russia collusion if he keeps looking in obvious places. If he really wants to uncover the conspiracy, he needs to look for subtle clues, like the White House Christmas ornaments!

That’s where the real crumbling of our democracy lies, at least according to liberals.