While Americans Sour on Politicians, One Might Just Enter Republican Primary


Just when the Republican presidential primary started getting less crowded with the departure of some candidates, there comes speculation that one more might be entering the race to shake things up.

Ann Romney was on Kilmeade and Friends to promote her new book. When she was asked about the current state of the Republican primary, Ann said something that most weren’t expecting. She told the audience people keep encouraging Mitt to run. And they are considering it.

“All I can say is, we are in New York City, Mitt’s been with me a lot today, over the last few days and we have been walking the streets and people are screaming out their windows, I mean people on the street, people stop us on the street, everyone is saying ‘come, get in, jump in’, we hear it, we get a lot of phone calls, people are calling all the time, from our past donors saying ‘it’s time to think about it again’. We are assessing, it’s not like we are making a different decision, we are on the sidelines, we made a decision in January not to jump in. Like everyone, we are mystified by this race and entertained at the same time but there’s a lot of ups and downs in a primary and we went through this too by the way in our race, a lot of ups and downs. It’s a long way from being over.

At the Washington Idea Forum, Mitt Romney had a specific prediction about Donald Trump’s campaign.

Do you think Mitt Romney will enter the race or is this all hot air to help sell books? Please comment below. 

H/T: Hot Air

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