Where’s Biden? Critics Blast President For Virgin Islands Vacation As Blizzard Death Toll Rises

President Biden is being heavily criticized as he and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, are in the midst of a New Year vacation in the Virgin Islands while the death toll from a monster blizzard keeps rising.

The BBC reported Tuesday that over 60 Americans have succumbed to “weather-related incidents” involving “a monster winter storm that has battered North America.”

The number is likely to rise as cities like Buffalo continue to dig out of the snow.

Aside from that crisis, over 10,000 flights have been canceled in the United States since Christmas Eve, causing travel woes and leaving countless holiday travelers stranded.

But Biden, according to the New York Post, will be living it up this week in St. Croix to ring in the New Year.

“The 80-year-old commander-in-chief will bask in the Caribbean sun near an in-ground pool at a three-bedroom beachfront villa with sweeping views on the largest of the US Virgin Islands,” they write.

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Biden Ripped For Vacation as Bodies Still Being Located Following Blizzard

Critics noted the optics of seeing President Biden jet off to a Caribbean vacation while bodies are still being dug out of the snow in Buffalo and the death toll is rising due to a nationwide blizzard event.

“Not only is it a vacation, but it’s somewhere warm and beautiful while others are freezing, literally, to death,” noted former NFL reporter Michelle Tafoya on Fox News Tuesday morning.

Townhall managing editor Spencer Brown argued, “Maybe jetting off for a vacation in sunny St. Croix isn’t the best look for the president while Americans who froze to death in New York on Christmas are still being dug out from under six feet of snow?”

Others pointed out that Biden’s vacation comes as the border crisis rages out of control and the President claimed he wouldn’t visit the southern border because “there are more important things” to do.

Apparently, St. Croix is more important than a humanitarian crisis enveloping border states or visiting Buffalo where frozen bodies are still being found and people remain without power.

Seems legit.

“Where is @POTUS during this crisis?” Republican congressman Jim Banks asked on social media. “Vacationing in St. Croix.”

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Will Mainstream Media Harass Him Like They Did Trump or Cruz?

Remember when former President Donald Trump’s vacation time away from the White House was a perpetual news story? Biden’s Virgin Islands trip is barely making a dent in the mainstream media.

The Political Insider reported in October that Biden at that time had spent a quarter of his presidency “working” from his home state of Delaware, a rate that exceeds that of Trump at the same point in his presidency.

Oh, and does anybody remember Ted Cruz bolting for Cancun while millions in Texas were without power and running water amid freezing temperatures?

Of course, you do – it was on a 24/7 news cycle for days. Cruz was rightly criticized for leaving down while others were suffering.

Will Biden get the same treatment from ABC, NBC, CNN, etc.?

You may recall though, Biden’s White House themselves criticized Cruz for his vacation with then-press secretary Jen Psaki saying: “Many people across the state are without power [and] without the resources they need, and we expect that would be the focus of anyone in the state who was elected to represent them.”

Expand that nationwide and make that same statement while handing the President a mirror.

Cruz cut his trip short after receiving backlash. Any chance Biden does the same?

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Biden's vacation is much worse than what Cruz did. Cruz came back after escorting his family to Cancun. Sending one's family away from potential dangers during a power grid failure is something anyone would do if they could. If you don't have the means to do so, that's on you. Don't be jealous of others who can. Biden simply went on a family vacation while Americans suffered, and he doesn't even feel sorry about it. Maybe the serial sniffer thought 'Virgin Islands' meant an island of young girls for him to fondle and smell.

  • Bug out dimwit Biden and “queen of transportation “ Buttheadgig are the most incompetent idiots when it comes to leadership in times of crisis

  • Silly rabbits...Biden can't control the weather and he’s mad about the continuation of Title 42. Welcome back Alfred E. Neuman - What?me worry?

  • Dear Mr........................................President,
    Your Press Sect sez you went off and left the WH HVAC set at 75 degrees.....Is this where you want it set or can we just turn all the gov thermostats off????

  • Biden will probably extend his vacation. and I'm not sure he would be of any help if he came back. as O said everything Biden touches turns to sh.t.

  • WHAT ?!! Biden act "responsibly" or with even a hint of "Responsibility" or "Care" for Americas' Electorate ( Voters - in case you were wondering ;) )
    To even for one moment consider that Joe Biden has ANY care whatsoever about the fate of Americans generally during this FREEZING ( hottest year on record ??? ) Christmas and New Year period would suggest a complete separation from reality - rather like that of Biden himself !

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