Where this Veteran Was Standing When He Had to Call 911 Is OUTRAGEOUS!


Donald Siefken badly injured his foot earlier this year. The 64-year-old Army veteran drove to the VA Puget Sound Seattle campus emergency room for care. He struggled to enter the facility and couldn’t continue just a few feet outside the door. Siefken called the emergency room seeking assistance. The person who answered the phone told him to call 911 and hung up on Siefken.


Seattle Firefighters had to come to assist the veteran in getting through the doors of the VA.

Initially, the VA agreed it was not the responsibility of staff to assist the veteran in walking through the emergency room door. An apology soon followed when a reporter requested Siefken’s medical file.

Not only is this a poor way of treating a veteran who served his country, requiring the fire department come and assist him in simply getting through the door, it is an abuse of taxpayer resources.

What would you say to the Veterans Administration regarding this treatment?  Please comment below.

H/T: IJ Review

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